Influencer shares two bikini snaps as she shows how much her body has changed

Influencer Nelly London has shared two bikini snaps to show how much her body has changed over the years.

The body positive star took to her Instagram page to share the swimwear photos with her 469,000 followers.

The snap on the left-hand side, which was from a few years ago, saw Nelly breathing in and looking svelte while in a royal blue bikini.

She covered her face with her phone in the photo while rocking a relaxed bun hairstyle.

Meanwhile, the photo on the right, which was taken recently, saw Nelly smiling happily as she proudly showed off her curves.

This time, she wasn't breathing out, as she let her body reign free in the swimwear.

Captioning the post, the social media star wrote: "I found this photo on an old hard drive today, it could have gone one of two ways.

"Obsessing over it, zooming in, wondering how much I weighed, trying to remember what and how I was eating at that time, comparing this body to the one I’m sitting in right now.

"Or realising that a fundamental part of being a human is change."

She continued: "Our bodies are not static beings that exist in one form, we grow from the moment we are born to the moment we leave this physical earth.

"But we convince ourselves that we should look the same today as we did as teenagers. That our bodies should look the same, feel the same, even weigh the same?!

"It makes no logical sense but for we still let ourselves feel bad when we stop looking like our past selves. Make it make sense.

"Anyway, seeing my growth as a human here is pretty wonderful and I feel very proud of myself."

Fans were loving the self-love post, with it racking up more than 58,000 likes.

One told her: "Finding them and not immediately diving down that rabbit hole is so hard, you go babe. We are way more than our bodies."

While another added: "You look so healthy in the photo on the right Nelly. You are so inspiring, and so beautiful."

A third also gushed: "It would be impossible for me to overstate the impact you’ve had on my own perspective of the body I live in. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am so thankful for you."

The post comes after Nelly recently opened up to fans after undergoing an operation to fix her botched boob reduction.

She first had boob reduction surgery eight years ago as her HH boobs made her life difficult and left her feeling self-conscious.

However, she was horrified with the aftermath of the op, as she said her stitch seems to pop and her breast looked like it was 'bulging through a hole in the bottom of her boob'.

Things only got worse also, as more openings popped across her skin and she was in extreme pain.

Nelly has been recovering from the operation ever since, and went for another surgical procedure this month to try and fix things.

And it seems like things went well as the social media star celebrated her new boobs and revealed she finally had "round nipples".

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