Inside Britains biggest family The Radfords Elf on the Shelf Christmas breakfast

With The Radfords being one of Britain’s biggest families, it makes sense that their Christmas doesn’t come small.

Mum Sue Radford makes sure that her 22 kids have a festive day they won’t forget and that their Morecambe home is full of festive cheer.

This year, they’ve kicked off the seasonal fun with a special Elf on the Shelf themed breakfast to celebrate the arrival of the Elf to their home for the first day of December.

Writing alongside the snaps, Sue said: "So excited to see the children’s faces in the morning. Absolutely love this time of year!"

Their huge 10-bedroom house in Morecambe, Lancashire, is frequently featured on their joint Instagram account, with Sue and Noel giving their 404k followers a look into their hectic family life.

The stars of the Channel 5 series 22 Kids and Counting have previously confessed to spending £5,000 on presents and a further £300 for the Christmas dinner.

Sue, who is married to baker Noel, forks out between £100 and £250 for each child and puts the presents in personalised Santa sacks to avoid any mix ups.

The family have said that it takes 70 rolls of wrapping paper to get all the presents ready to go under the tree.

When asked if the family were rich during a Q&A on their YouTube channel, Sue said: "Absolutely not, we're definitely not secret millionaires.

"To me rich would be having the big mansion, the flash cars and quite a few hundred thousand in the bank, to me that would be rich but we are not that."

The family’s main source of income is their family pie business, however, they now make extra cash from social media partnerships and TV appearances.

Their success has allowed the Radfords to seriously upgrade their lifestyle, and despite the parents saying they've spent over £1million raising their children, they can still afford to splash out on some fancy Christmas presents.

There are currently 19 of their kids living at home as eldest children Chris, 31, and Sophie 26 have now moved out, although they are always around for visits.

Living at home are – deep breath needed! – Chloe, 25, Jack, 23, Daniel, 21, Luke, 20, Millie, 19, Katie, 18, James, 17, Ellie, 15, Aimee, 14, Josh, 13, Max, 12, Tillie, 10, Oscar, nine, Casper, eight, Hallie, five, Phoebe, four, Archie, three, Bonnie, two, and baby Heidie.

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