Inside the canteen serving the world’s CHEAPEST Michelin-starred food

Inside the canteen serving up the world’s CHEAPEST Michelin-starred food where you can have ‘outstanding’ noodles for the equivalent of £1 – but you will need to queue for an hour

  • God Save The Points blogger Gilbert Ott, from New York, ate at Hawker Chan
  • Singapore food stall serves Michelin-starred food from as little as S$2 or £1.14
  • Dishes include soya sauce chicken with rice or noodles, or soya sauce pork
  • Food is served up on polystyrene plates in a canteen at communal tables 

Fine china, linen napkins, polished waiting staff, and plates that look as if you could hang them as art on the wall: these are all the hallmarks of Michelin-starred food.

But new photos of hearty plates of noodles and soya sauce chicken served up at the cheapest Michelin-starred outlet in the world prove that not every restaurant has to stick with tradition to win accolades.

These snaps, shot by God Save The Points travel blogger Gilbert Ott III, from New York, give an insight into what it’s like to dine at Hawker Chan in Singapore – the first ever street food stall to be awarded a Michelin star.

There’s certainly no china plates in sight, as diners have to eat off polystyrene as they tuck into ‘outstanding’ dishes that cost as little as S$2 each – or £1.14 ($1.78).

Hawker Chan is most famous for its soya sauce chicken served with rice or noodles and it costs just S$2 – or £1.14 ($1.78). Reviewer Gilbert Ott said the chicken was deliciously ‘moist and tender’

The food stall, which despite having a Michelin star serves food on polystyrene plates, also has soya sauce pork on the menu which comes with rice (pictured)

The only seating is communal, shared by diners tucking into dishes from a handful of other food stalls in the same complex, in a canteen-style setting.

And the stall, in Singapore’s Smith Street in Chinatown, is so popular that there is often a one-hour queue for food, and the kitchen usually runs out of chicken and pork by 2pm.

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But Gilbert says that if you throw out your preconceptions of what Michelin-starred food can be, you will enjoy ‘delicious’ and ‘outstanding’ food.

The most famous dish served up at Hawker Chan is its soya sauce chicken rice dish, which costs just S$2 (£1.14).

The food stall looks like any typical Singapore grab-and-go outlet but the food is so good that it has won a Michelin star

Queues for lunch at the famous Hawker Chan stall often snake around the Smith Street Chinatown complex and it can take one hour to be served

Gilbert wrote in his review of the food stall: ‘The chicken itself was extremely moist and tender with truly excellent, bold soy flavors running throughout the dish. 

‘The additional accoutrements, such as the deep, dark sweet soy, are absolutely divine and unlike many most travelers will have experienced.’

He added: ‘There’s something quite charming about eating Michelin star food off a polystyrene plate, in a non-air conditioned, above-ground area which makes a college dining hall look refined, especially in a city known for extreme luxury. 

‘The food is genuinely outstanding, the price is absolutely right and you just can’t put a price on amusement. Well, you can, but at S$2, not many people will mind.’

Gilbert, who reviewed the restaurant for his travel blog God Save The Points, said that the canteen where you have to eat the food makes a ‘student dining hall’ look refined

Gilbert’s wife Laura Burns tucks into the famous soya sauce chicken from Hawker Chan. The couple said the food was ‘outstanding’

Gilbert Ott enjoying one of the cheap and cheerful dishes from the Hawker Chan stall, which he ate using his fingers

Hawker Chan, which has a stall in Smith Street and an air-conditioned restaurant spin-off on the floor below, was awarded its first Michelin star in 2016.

Yet it still only charges a few Singapore dollars for many of its dishes.

The most expensive item on the menu is still just S$14 (£7.98) for a whole chicken in the famous soya sauce rice dish.

However food at the air-conditioned sit down version is more expensive.

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