Ivanka Trump Brushing Off Backlash Over Missing Immigrant Children: She’s ‘Used’ To Criticism

Ivanka Trump is not letting the criticism she’s been receiving about the missing immigrant children crisis bother her too much since she feels she is not to blame.

Ivanka Trump, 36, is not letting upset voters get to her when it comes to the outrage she’s been receiving surrounding the U.S. government losing track of 1, 475 undocumented immigrant children. In fact, she feels like the unfortunate situation is out of her control. “At this point Ivanka is so used to being criticized for her every move that it just rolls off her,” a source close to Ivanka EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. “Ivanka has a pretty thick skin, she has to, otherwise she wouldn’t be able to function. She can understand why people are so passionate about the missing children, because it’s something that horrifies her too, but it’s not her fault they have gone missing, so she can’t be expected to cease living her life because of it.”

Ivanka’s feelings are understandable considering she’s often criticized for being a part of her father Donald Trump‘s administration but she’s trying to find ways not let it get to her. “Ivanka thinks people are very quick to jump on any excuse to bash her, and her father, and it’s usually because of some form of misplaced anger,” the source continued. “As annoying as it is, it’s part of being who she is, and Ivanka just tries to tune out all of the negative chatter, and live her life the best she can.”

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