I've been having sex with a co-worker for a year but I'm starting to feel used

DEAR DEIDRE: AM I wasting my time with a man who sees me as simply a booty call?

I have worked with him for three years and we always got on so well.

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We started having sex a year ago.

At first he was all over me, telling me how much he wanted me, taking the opportunity to touch me and kiss me whenever he could at work.

I was so happy but then it all changed.

He told me we can only be friends with benefits.

He said he doesn’t want me to love him or have feelings for him in any way.

I’m 26 and he’s 29.

He ignores a lot of my texts and only calls round to my house for sex when it suits him.

Is he just using me?

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DEIDRE SAYS: I am afraid it sounds like it.

This guy has made it pretty clear what he wants from you.

Don’t take this as a rejection of you.

He sounds to be a commitment-phobe with his own issues.

Tell him being so casual is not your scene.


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If he has any serious feelings for you, he will soon be asking for more.

If not, move on. You deserve much better.

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