Jar of limited edition Heinz ‘caviar’ ketchup goes on ebay for £300

Would YOU pay £300 for a jar of ketchup? Fans desperate to buy Heinz jar of ‘caviar’ tomato sauce see price rocket on eBay – after only 150 bottles went on sale

  • Heinz has released a Tomato Ketchup Caviar to mark its 150th anniversary
  • Limited edition delicacy is made from pearls of sauce that look like real caviar
  • Only 150 jars of the red stuff made available in the UK, sending prices soaring 
  • On eBay, one plucky US buyer is selling limited edition jar for more than £300   

Tomato sauce fans are so desperate to get their hands on a rare jar of ketchup ‘caviar’ that prices have soared to more than £300. 

Heinz released the limited edition product, which is made from tiny pearls of tomato sauce that look just like the fish egg delicacy, last month.

The upmarket take on the burger staple, released to mark the 150th anniversary of Heinz, has proved such a hit that fans have turned to eBay to get their hands on a jar. 

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In the red! Demand for Heinz limited edition ketchup caviar – tiny pearls of tomato sauce – has seen a jar appear on ebay for $399 (£302) as fans clamber to own the super rare one-off product

The jar of ketchup caviar currently on sale on ebay from a US sale. Right: The jar is described as ‘so rare, you can’t find them in stores’. UK buyers would face a hefty premium if they wanted to try the tomato-based delicacy

A piece of ketchup history? A jar currently being sold on ebay for $399 (£302.71)

Exclusive delicacy: Heinz has released a limited edition ketchup caviar made from tiny pearls of tomato sauce, pictured, to celebrate its 150th anniversary

On the online shopping site, a US seller is offering one for the ‘buy it now’ price of $399 (£302). 

Describing the rare item, which is made to a top-secret recipe, the seller says: ‘These little pearls of ketchup caviar come in an elegant 1.8 oz. jar. 

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‘They’re so rare, you can’t find them in stores. The original, red-confetti-filled Heinz box is included. 

‘This is a must-have for collectors of advertising items and for lovers of all things ketchup.’ 

Heinz has kept the exact process for making the Ketchup Caviar under wraps, but a behind-the-scenes video offers some clues. 

On the sauce? One plucky US seller is hoping to put their own jar of ketchup caviar in the hands of a Heinz fan for a princely sum

Mouth-watering: The ketchup caviar, pictured, looks strikingly like the traditional roe caviar

Valentine’s Day delight: The ketchup caviar will be served at an exclusive Valentine’s Day breakfast at Fortnum & Mason’s flagship store in London’s Piccadilly

Designed to burst in the mouth, the little balls are made by dripping fresh tomato sauce slowly into a container of clear liquid, possibly similar to the brine used to make real caviar, to create the red spheres. 

The ketchup caviar is then squeezed out in delicate pearls to finish a dish. 

However, those hoping to snap up a jar for their kitchen cupboard are likely to be left disappointed. The 150 jars in the UK were made available to fans via a competition. 

Henry J. Heinz founded his eponymous company in 1869. He served his first product in clear glass bottles to showcase its purity and quality.  

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