Jax, Is That You? Columbus Zoo Names Newborn Vervet Monkey for the Vanderpump Rules Star

Meet Jax Taylor — no, not that Jax Taylor — but rather his baby monkey namesake.

The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium announced on Tuesday the birth of an eighth vervet monkey to its troop of cuties. Born on April 12, 2018, this adorable little guy was named for the newly engaged Vanderpump Rules star.

The zoo introduced the baby vervet to the public via a Facebook post written by an animal care specialist named Hillary.

Jax, who is currently 10 weeks old, spent about 165 days in his mother Sassie’s womb. The zoo’s animal care specialist says she first saw Jax smile at 3 weeks old, and around 4 weeks old is when he started to become curious about the world around him and learn how to navigate the trees.

Normally, Jax can be found hanging off of his mom, learning his way around his surroundings by “jumping on logs, climbing trees, or climbing his big brother, Junior,” says Hillary, who works with the Heart of Africa team. Apparently each monkey has its own personality. Jax’s relative Betsy is the boss, Todd hangs out with Bob or is a loner, while Junior and GusGus are always running around and exploring.

To learn more about vervet monkeys, visit the zoo in person or on social media.

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