Jersey Shore Recap: Deena Accidentally Exposes JWoww Texts About Angelina

Neither she or The Situation thought they were being recorded, despite being mic’d up and surrounded by cameras.

Big Brother is always watching, something Deena Nicole Cortese and Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino learned the hard way on Thursday’s new episode of “Jersey Shore Family Vacation.”

The boys continued their crusade to negotiate a truce between Deena and Angelina Pivarnick, after Angelina promised the guys she was ready to move on. When the boys told Deena that Angelina had a “change of heart,” Deena made it clear she still didn’t want to have that conversation.

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“She always comes in with a change of heart when people are pissed off at her. I’m in Vegas with you guys, that’s what I thought was happening, I’m pregnant, my plan was to tell you I’m pregnant and have a good time with you,” Deena told the guys. “I didn’t have a plan to sit down with Angelina and feel blindsided by it. I’m not shutting the door to possibly sitting down with her. Will I sit down with her later on? Probably.”

“I just don’t see us being close friends. I just don’t think it’s the right time here, but maybe later on,” she added.

After her dinner with them, Deena apparently started texting with both Jenni “JWoww” Farley and Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi about the situation. Then, thinking she, Mike and his wife Lauren were not on camera, Deena filled the Sorrentinos in on that text conversation.

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At this point, the three were all mic’d up and in a hallway set up with cameras being used for the show. While it did not appear an actual cameraperson or producer was with them, the whole convo was caught on tape — and, of course, MTV used it.

“This is between me and you. I wanna make sure they can’t hear me right now,” Deena began, as editors trolled her by pointing out the microphones and cameras in the shot.

“I was in the sister chat. I was like, ‘The boys, they’re really pushing a sit down,'” she continued. “So Jenni goes, ‘Don’t give in at all, or I’m not coming.'”

“That’s crazy,” Mike exclaimed. “And this is between us, because whatever, but Nicole and Jenni, they don’t give an inch.”

Deena went on to claim her husband Chris said Jenni’s comments were “f–ked up.” She agreed, saying, “I don’t need her telling me if I should or should not sit down. I came here not expecting to do it. I have to, like, prepare myself.”

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The trio stopped talking when Ronnie walked by, but even he acknowledged nothing is private. “I hope they know there’s cameras in the ceiling and that you’re being recorded at all times,” he said in a confessional, “Even I know that.”

In an attempt to keep this situation off-camera, Mike then texted the boys and filled them in on Jenni’s text. To them, Jenni’s stance explained Deena’s hesitation to hash things out with Angelina — and they believed Deena was being put “in a terrible position.”

“They left her in the front line to take the hit. Who Deena wants to be friends with should not affect Jenni,” said Ronnie, more sensible than ever this episode.

Mike then met up with the rest of the guys, who wanted to talk about what he had just texted them. Sitch tried to change the subject, saying it wasn’t a conversation for the cameras — but they all laughed at him, basically saying there’s zero privacy during production.

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“After 10 years of being on TV, the guys still doesn’t realize what you talk about on a reality TV show set gets caught on camera,” joked Vinny, before Mike finally asked a producer if they recorded the conversation with him and Deena in the hallway.

“Yes, Mike, you’re on a television show!” the unseen producer exclaimed.

Ron went on to call Jenni the “puppet master” of the girls, but believed they’re “all smart grown women that can make their own decisions” when it comes to settling their beef with Angelina.

Once again, the episode ended without anything being solved between the women and with Deena simply saying “we’ll have to see” whether she and Angelina finally hash things out.

“Jersey Shore Family Vacation” airs Thursdays on MTV.

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