John Legend admits he had a history of cheating before Chrissy Teigen

Before meeting Chrissy Teigen, John Legend was quite the lothario.

During an interview on the “Armchair Expert” podcast, host Dax Shepard remarked, “I have a horrendous history of cheating. F–king deplorable … And there’s all these great cheating songs on your albums, and I was like, ‘I see another fisherman at sea,’” before going on to ask Legend if those songs were based on his own life.

“Yes, I did have a history of [cheating]. Definitely in my 20s,” Legend, 41, responded. “I think what happened for me, you go through a lot of your life in your teens and I was younger than everybody in high school and college, and so I just didn’t get a lot of girls. When I started to get that attention, I loved it.”

I escaped ‘technically cheating’ by keeping my relationship ill-defined, but it was really cheating. I definitely was dishonest and selfish … It was happening before I was famous.”

For Legend, things changed when he met Teigen, 34, who he married in 2013.

“At a certain point, you just realize you’re happier being honest. You’re happier being faithful and being in love with one person. At a certain point, I just decided that person was Chrissy. I decided I wasn’t gonna mess with somebody else anymore.”

He continued, “We’ve talked about it before, but we had sex the first night and hit it off. We were both seeing other people at the time. There was kind of a looseness at the very beginning, but we fell in love not long after that.”

When it comes to being a “celebrity couple,” Legend admitted that being in the spotlight is motivation for him to be on his best behavior.

“I feel like it almost makes it less likely that I would do anything to f–k it up. Chrissy has 12 million Twitter followers. If I were to do anything, it would be career suicide,” he explained. “It would be terrible. It just gives you another reason to not f–k it up.”

Teigen gained her massive following thanks, in large part, to her tenacious and playful personality, which was on full display Monday as she shared a video of her husband naked while showering.

The “Cravings” author posted the 3-second clip on Instagram, featuring the mother of two in the foreground of their bathroom giggling as Legend showers with only Teigen’s hand blocking his behind.

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