Just Jane: My friend is pregnant with my man’s child but he denies affair

JANE SAYS: Calm down and take one day at a time. Your partner is abroad and communication is difficult.

Meanwhile, your old friend is coming to your door, telling you she’s pregnant by your man and demanding money. You have no way of knowing who is telling the truth or what really went on while you were away in Manchester.

Your friend thinks she has you over a barrel, but for now it’s her word against his.

Tell her you won’t be harassed. Insist she leaves you alone because you’re in no position to hand out money.

She needs to wait until he’s back and then all three of you will have to sit down and talk about what you all do next.

If your partner does confess to sleeping with her, you’ll have to see how you feel about staying with him. Presumably, once the baby is born, then a DNA test will be performed anyway.

Until then you have to stay strong. You can’t allow this situation to bring you down because – whatever the truth – it’s not of your making.

And you must certainly not blame yourself for going to Manchester to do your job.

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