‘Killing Eve’: Every Chic, Trendy, & Dead Sexy Outfit Worn By Villanelle From S1 to Now: Pics

Sorry, baby — no one can top Villanelle’s style game. As S3 of ‘Killing Eve’ comes to a close , take a look back at all the killer fashions worn by Jodie Comer as the assassin who always looks devastating … obviously.

While many have shown up season after season for Killing Eve for the mystery, the exotic locales, and the cat-and-mouse tension between Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer, everyone can agree that they stay because of Villanelle — the fashionista, psychopathic assassin, who always arrives in style for her kills. And boy, does her fashion game ever slay!

Over the last three seasons, Jodie’s character has worn everything from a dingy trousers to a full-scale clown ensemble, but it’s when Villanelle gets to wear high fashion looks that heads really turn in her direction. In season one, a perfect pink Molly Goddard tulle dress paired with combat boots provided the perfect visualization of who Villanelle was as a woman and killer, and thus, a style icon was born that simply got better and better with each passing episode.

A personal favorite from season two is the sheer, vintage Alexander McQueen gown Jodie worn when Villanelle reunited with Eve for a dinner party at her house. Complete with a polka dot veil, the dramatic look added both elegance and comedy to a very serious turning point moment, as Villanelle was prepared to simultaneously murder and mourn the MI6 agent in her small, London kitchen.

Fast forward a season, and things look very different for Eve and Villanelle, but the outfits are still on point. In the upcoming season finale, the unlikely pair are back together again, but to do what? We’re not quite sure. What we do know is that Villanelle dresses to impress, in a a bold, 70s-inspired Halpern suit that harks back to the Dries Van Noten suit she wore in season one, when she, you know, killed Bill. (Remember that , Eve? Remember when she stabbed your BFF in a nightclub?!)

All of these impressive looks were selected by keen-eyed costume designers that have been at the helm over the last three season. Just as the head writers have changed season to season, so have the masterminds behind Villanelle’s evolving styles. Phoebe de Gaye kicked things off in season 1, and was followed by Charlotte Mitchell (Season 2), and Sam Perry (Season 3).

Killing Eve’s season 3 finale, “Are You Leading or Am I?”  airs May 31 on AMC. 

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