Kobe Bryant Thrilled LeBron Will Join The Lakers — Will He Come Out Of Retirement To Play With Him?

LeBron James is joining the LA Lakers, and we’ve EXCLUSIVELY heard Kobe Bryant will ‘do whatever it takes’ to help LeBron out. Does that mean ‘Black Mamba’ might come out of retirement to play alongside ‘King James?’

The ink isn’t dry on his four-year, $154 million contract, and people are already calling LeBron James, 33, the greatest Los Angles Laker of his generation. Kobe Bryant, 38, might take issue with that, if he wasn’t psyched that the “G.O.A.T.” will be wearing a Lakers jersey “Kobe is happy LeBron is coming to LA,” a source close to Kobe EXCLUSIVELY tells HollywoodLife.com. “Kobe accomplished a lot as a Laker and feels loyal to the team for life. So Kobe is willing to do whatever it takes to help LeBron achieve success in Los Angeles and bring a title back to the Lakers.”

The last time the Lakers won the NBA Championship was back in 2010, back when Kobe was still on the court. Kobe hung it all up in 2016, finishing his 20-year-career with the Lakers in one blistering, 60-point game against the Utah Jazz. Now that LeBron is playing for the Lakers, is “Black Mamba” feeling the pressure to come back on the court for one last run? “While he is tempted to come out of retirement to play with LeBron,” the source tells HollywoodLife.com, “that is not going to happen. Kobe feels it’s LeBron’s turn to shine in LA.”

LeBron may (arguably) be the best player of all time, but he’s not a miracle worker. Kobe will be turning 40 on August 23, a rough age for any professional athlete. Plus, consider that the overall No. 1 draft pick of the 2018 Draft, DeAndre Ayton, is 19-years-old. Kobe Bryant played in the NBA for more years than DeAndre has been alive. It seems Kobe’s happy to sit in the stands – or in his personal VIP box, because, c’mon – and watch with the rest of the fans.

Kobe gave LeBron some love during the 2018 Academy Awards when the “Black Mamba” became “Oscar Award-winning Black Mamba,” as Kobe and Glen Keane won the award for “Best Animated Short.” In his acceptance speech, Kobe gave a nod to LeBron’s then-beef with Laura Ingraham. “As basketball players, we’re supposed to ‘shut up and dribble,’ but I’m glad we do a little more than that,” Kobe said, using Laura’s insult as a way to raise him, LeBron and any other politically-minded NBA player up.

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