Kylie Jenner May Already Be Pregnant Again With Baby No. 2, ‘Life & Style’ Reports

Kylie Jenner could already be planning to expand her family again, a new report indicates.

As the 20-year-old reality star and near-billionaire is caring for her infant girl, Stormi Webster, a report from Life & Style claims that she is already planning for the second baby and could already be pregnant. Though Kylie took some leave from the public eye as she was pregnant to make sure she could focus on being a young mother, she has apparently taken to the new role with enthusiasm.

“She’s confessed to pals that she was trying for another baby just a couple of months after Stormi was born,” a source told the outlet (via Hollywood Life). “Kylie said she’d love for her daughter to have a brother to play with sooner rather than later, and now everyone’s talking about how she’s already showing signs of pregnancy.”

The report cited some new food cravings that Kylie also had during her pregnancy, and said she has been hinting to friends that she’s got a secret that will soon be revealed.

This is not the first time that Kylie Jenner has faced rumors that she’s pregnant with baby No. 2. There have been a series of other reports hinting that the reality television star and makeup mogul is expecting again, as well as rumors that she faked her pregnancy when some followers though her first video of Stormi Webster showed a girl much older than Kylie claimed.

If Kylie Jenner is planning to expand her family, money would not seem to be a concern. This month she was featured on a Forbes list of self-made entrepreneurs, noting that at age 20 she already amassed a fortune worth more than $900 million.

While no one was disputing that her Kylie Cosmetics line had made her a fortune, many took issue with Kylie Jenner being referred to as “self-made.” The Washington Examiner noted that she was lucky enough to parlay her family’s fame into a fortune that she then used to launch her product line.

“To imply that Jenner is self-made when she launched a product people bought because they had seen her every week on a reality show for 10 years is a slap in the face to the rest of America’s entrepreneurs who truly do start from scratch, and who make something of themselves, by themselves, and because their product is truly unique and essential,” the report noted.

Kylie Jenner is not the only one excited to expand the family. The Life & Style report noted that boyfriend Travis Scott is also thrilled to be having another child again so soon.

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