Lena Dunham Taylor Swift Worst Boyfriend, Calvin Harris, WWHL

If you know Lena Dunham, you certainly know she isn’t one to hold her tongue. However, you would think that by being one of Taylor Swift‘s besties and a keeper of some of the superstar’s secrets, some things are off limits to the public! But — spoiler alert!! — there are just some things that need to be said.

Earlier this week, the 32-year-old appeared on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen and played a little game of Plead the Fifth. In case you are not familiar with that one, it’s basically a game where Andy asks his guest a bunch of juicy questions and the guest is only allowed to not answer one question by pleading the fifth.

During the game, Lena’s former Girls co-star Andrew Rannells asked who Tay’s worst boyfriend was and the actress definitely had an answer ready. But before she could answer, Andy did warn her by saying, “I will point out of course that you’re seated next to the sister of one of Taylor Swift’s former boyfriend.”

However, Maggie Gyllenhaal‘s presence obviously did not stop Lena because, as it turns out, Jake Gyllenhaal was not the person she had in mind.

“I want to do right by her on this question — and I’m also proud, because I haven’t plead the fifth on any of these and I think that makes me some kind of champion!”

But without further or do, this was her final answer: “My least favorite was Calvin Harris because I felt he was petty in the public and who needs to do that?”

The actress does make a good point! As you all can remember, things got pretty messy between the DJ and singer after they ended their relationship back in 2016. There was a lot of unnecessary back-and-forth between the two, so we can totally see why LD would call out the 34-year-old on live television.

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