Lifeline for vulnerable who need home delivery – man finds slots at all stores via link

Home delivery food slots have been reserved for those who are vulnerable to coronavirus by most supermarkets. This includes the elderly, the disabled and the ill.


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However, many have been struggling to get their hands on delivery slots, fearing they might run out of food. spoke with a number of vulnerable people who were at their wits end trying to order groceries.

One 59-year-old man who who suffers from Chronic Obstructive Airways Disease (COAD), brochitis, asthma, rheumatoid arthritis and uses an electric wheelchair told “Rheumatoid arthritis has taken my knuckles so I can’t use my hands. I have nobody to help, no family, no friends. My next door neighbours are both 80 with bad illness themselves.

“I have also been looking online to put order in for then next day coming on but slots are full, this is everyday.”

Yesterday Sainsbury’s shared the worrying new that there are not enough delivery slots for the vulnerable. Mike Coupe, Sainsbury’s Chief Executive, released a statement addressing the concerns.

He told Britons: “We are working hard to increase our online capacity and we are adding more slots in every day. But it is not possible for us to create enough slots to meet the current level of demand.”

However, a vulnerable man has shared the lifeline that enabled him to finally arrange a delivery.

The government has provided support via a link, and one vulnerable man claims he has finally got a delivery slot after filling in the online form.

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The man, who shared his story with but wished to remain anonymous, had been struggling to book a delivery slot with supermarkets for days.

He was desperate, rationing his small supply of food and sharing with his dog who was also running out of food.

After filling in a link on the government website, he found slots at all stores.

He told “The gov posted this link yesterday I filled it out last night this morning I was able to go on to all stores to put order in.”


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The link,, takes you to a page that reads: “Get coronavirus support as an extremely vulnerable person.”

It went on: “Register if you have a medical condition that makes you extremely vulnerable to coronavirus. For example, you’ll be able to ask for help getting deliveries of essential supplies like food.

“If you’re not sure whether your medical condition makes you extremely vulnerable, register anyway.

“This service is free. You can register yourself, or for someone else.”

To use the service you much have your NHS letter to hand, which you can find on any letter the NHS has sent you.

For others, when are the earliest home delivery slots available? 

Asda has sold out of online delivery slots up until April 14. Slots for the following weeks have yet to be released.

The supermarket is also urging those who can to come in to store and take up delivery slots others may need more.

Tesco’s next delivery slot is April 14. Like most other retailers is it asking those who are well to come into the store to leave delivery for the elderly, disabled and those more vulnerable to contracting the disease.

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