Lizzie Cundy reveals stalker sent hundreds of messages

Lizzie Cundy reveals how a male stalker posing as a woman sent her HUNDREDS of emails- and broke into her car to leave a note to say ‘this wouldn’t have happened if you had answered’

  • EXCLUSIVE: Lizzie Cundy, 48, has got hundreds of messages over past year
  • She explained how stalker posed as a woman who represented celebrities 
  • The messages suggested the clients wanted ‘one-on-one meetings’ with Lizzie
  • After ignoring emails, car got broken into and £6K Louis Vuitton bag got stolen 

TV personality Lizzie Cundy has revealed her terror at the hands of a ‘stalker’ who sent her hundreds of messages, while posing as a woman.

The presenter, 48, described how her Mini convertible was broken into, before later finding a note reading: ‘Things like this wouldn’t have happened if you’d answered.’

Lizzie explained that her ordeal began when she started getting emails from a woman who claimed she represented famous footballers, including Ryan Giggs and Cristiano Ronaldo, as well as the comedian Russell Brand.

The mother-of-two said the messages would say that her ‘client’ wanted a ‘one-on-one meeting’ with her, because they’d been ‘following her work, and really liked what she did.’ 

Realising there was something ‘fishy’ going on, Lizzie chose to ignore the messages, but said they became increasingly ‘persistent’ and ‘nasty’. 

Lizzie described how she would block the email address, but would continue to get messages from other accounts, as well as on Twitter.

She even had to change her phone number after getting a barrage of texts from the stalker, before her car was broken into just over a week ago.  

Officers are now investigating both the car break-in, as well as the messages that Lizzie has received, and believe the two are linked.

TV personality Lizzie Cundy, 48, has revealed how she’s received hundreds of messages from a stalker, posing as a woman 

Speaking to FEMAIL, Lizzie said: ‘It’s very frightening. It’s horrible. I don’t want to be looking over my shoulder and feeling scared. This isn’t really any way to live.

‘They’re just so persistent, saying my clients want to see you one-on-one. 

‘They posed as a woman, wanting to meet me, while pretending to be a well-known star. They try to lure you in. I definitely think it’s a man, as the police do.’


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Describing the car break-in, she added: ‘I don’t know how they knew where I was on that day, when they broke into my car. To find the note on the car, I felt really sick to my stomach.’ 

The presenter explained how it began when she started getting emails from a woman – who called herself Maria – about a year ago, who claimed she represented famous clients wanting to meet Lizzie.  

Lizzie described how her car got broken into, before later finding a note left on it reading: ‘Things like this wouldn’t have happened if you’d answered [the messages]’ 

‘I got an email from a woman saying my client wants to meet you, it’s Ryan Giggs. It said he really likes you and wants to meet you one-on-one; he wants to go on a date,’ she said. 

‘I thought it was strange. She was very persistent, but I just ignored it. It was very fishy.’

Lizzie explained how the same woman later got in touch, claiming she represented Russell Brand.

‘Russell was doing some shows at the time. I really thought it was about that, as I was possibly going to one of the shows,’ she said. 

‘I said great, “I could possibly see him after one of the shows”. They said “No, he wants a one-to-one, you need to get back to me via me, I’ll arrange a place to meet him.”‘ 

Before her car window was smashed, Lizzie received a barrage of messages from someone who had first posed as a woman, and then a world-famous footballer (above) 

Lizzie got in touch with Russell’s team, and discovered that the woman did not in fact represent the comedian.

‘I blocked the email address, and then they tried to get me via Twitter,’ she said. ‘Somehow they got hold of my phone number, so I had to get a new number.’  

‘It was weird because they were so persistent, and talking about meeting one-to-one. And getting nasty when I didn’t answer back.’

Lizzie explained how the situation escalated when she received more messages, which she believes to be from the same person, saying they represented Cristiano Ronaldo – which she again ignored. 

‘Over the weekend, my phone was going off the whole time with texts saying please do not ignore the emails,’ she said.

Lizzie says the whole experience has been ‘very frightening’ and she feels like she’s constantly ‘looking over her shoulder’ now 

‘I just said look I don’t believe you are who you’re saying. I said please will you just leave me alone.’

She then blocked the number, before getting a stream of messages on Twitter that she describes as ‘disturbing’. 

A couple of days later, Lizzie was on a shoot in London when her car was broken into, with her £6,000 Louis Vuitton bag stolen.  

‘I stopped on a very busy road in Knightsbridge. I come back and the back is all smashed, the roof’s ripped off my car, and all my stuff is taken from the boot,’ Lizzie said.

‘I later found a note left on the car that said: “Things like this wouldn’t happen to your car if you’d only answered.”

The mother-of-two is now taking precautions, including having panic alarms fitted at home 

Lizzie said she is now taking precautions in order to protect herself, including not posting where she is appearing on social media and having panic alarms fitted at her home.

‘I am now obviously very frightened,’ she said. ‘I heard something outside the house last night, and I hardly slept because I was thinking “Oh my god, what’s that.” 

‘Thankfully my boys are at home. I don’t know what I’d be like if I were on my own here.’

A spokesperson for Hampshire Police said: ‘We’re investigating an allegation of stalking which was made to police shortly after midnight on Wednesday 6 June.

‘The allegation relates to unwanted messages sent via social media, email and text between Friday 2 June and Wednesday 6 June. Enquiries are on-going at this time.’ 

MailOnline has contacted the Metropolitan Police for comment.  

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