Location, Location, Location viewers slam 'pretentious' buyers

Location, Location, Location viewers slam ‘pretentious’ first-time buyers who missed out on a London home after quibbling over an extra £5,000 – even though it was still £30,000 UNDER their £750,000 budget

  • Newly engaged couple Georgie and Pete moved into a studio flat in Kent three days before lockdown
  • They hoped to find a four-bed home with an open kitchen-diner with a very healthy £750,000 budget
  • Phil Spencer helped them find a five-bed property in their dream location of Bexley for £720,000 
  • However, couple lost out after squabbling over £5,000 with viewers branding it ‘karma’  
  • Couple appeared on last night’s episode of Channel 4’s Location, Location, Location

Viewers branded it ‘karma’ after a couple missed out on their dream first property together after squabbling over paying an extra £5,000 to secure the final deal on Location, Location, Location – despite it being £30,000 under their £750,000 budget. 

In last night’s episode of the Channel 4 show, professional dancer Georgie and insurance underwriter Pete, who moved into a one-room studio flat in Kent three days before lockdown, were on the search for more space and their first property together.

The newly engaged couple had a £750,000 budget to do so – and it wasn’t long before they fell in love with a five-bedroom property in their dream location of Bexley, which had a guide price of £700,000 – £725,000.

However, with the knowledge that a previous offer had been rejected at £700,00, the couple went in at £710,000 only to get turned down – before being told the seller would only accept £720,000. 

After arguing over spending an extra £5,000, Pete was insistent that he initially only wanted to go to £715,000, which was rejected – leaving viewers questioning whether the young couple could afford such a high-end budget in the first place.

‘Why the hell does a childless couple need a 5 bed house? I’ve got three kids and don’t need that many. Pretentious much?’ wrote one, while a second joked: ‘Seriously… who are these people that can just throw £750k down on a first property – I debate spending £2 on a sandwich in Lidl on a lunchtime.’

In last night’s episode of Channel 4’s Location, Location, Location, Georgie and Pete (pictured) spent a staggering £720,000 on their first property together – but argued when it came to paying an additional £5,000 to secure the deal

The newly engaged couple fell in love with a five-bedroom property in their dream location of Bexley, which had a guide price of £700,000 – £725,000. Pictured, the living room

The couple told how they were on the search for an open plan, kitchen-diner, and a living area that had a ‘really nice flow to it.’ Pictured, the living room the lead into the garden

The Victorian house features five good-sized bedrooms overs two floors – including a master with an en-suite. Pictured, one of the five neutral-coloured rooms

The couple admitted the house was a lot bigger in the inside than it looked on the outside – and was delighted it was in their dream location of Bexley. Pictured, the garden

A third added: ‘I do laugh at these couples ‘starting out’ in life and looking at getting on the property ladder with a three quarters of a million pound four bed house,’ while a fourth wrote: ‘Arguing over £5k? This couple cannot afford this house.’ 

During the episode, the couple knew exactly what sort of property and location they were after.

‘We’re looking for a four-bed house, within a ten minute walk of the station because we both commute into London every day,’ explained Pete. ‘We want a really open plan, kitchen-diner, and a living area that’s got a really nice flow to it.’

Georgie added: ‘All we really want to do is get out of London, have more space, and potential to grow.’ 

And estate agent Phil Spencer hit the jackpot when he took the couple to see a five-bed Victorian property located just off the pretty high street of Bexley village.

The property featured a large lounge with charming fireplace, good size kitchen-diner area and a generous garden, while upstairs, over two floors, boasted five good-sized bedrooms – including a master with an en-suite.

Phil took the newly engaged couple to see the five-bed Victorian property located just off the pretty high street of Bexley village. Pictured, the exterior

Taking to Twitter during the episode, one viewer penned: ‘Arguing over £5k? This couple cannot afford this house’ (pictured)

‘It’s beautiful – high ceilings, coving, fire place,’ enthused Georgie. ‘It feels lovely and fresh and new but still characterful and charming and lovely. I really, really, really like it.’

‘Certainly the area for me as well, Bexley is our number one – we’re both in agreement with that.’  

Pete added: ‘I’m excited about this one. I like it a lot.’ 

The other property’s that the couple saw failed to compare to the Bexley house – and the couple agreed to put in an offer.  

However, when their first price of £710,000 was rejected, the seller informed them he’d only accept £720,000.

‘So we’re going to have to go £720,000 or nothing,’ said Georgie, to which Pete replied: ‘For me, if you’re going £7,000-£725,000, then £715,000 is the fair middle-ground.’

With tensions rising, Georgie added: ‘Yeah I know, but does it become about playing a game, or about buying a house because we can afford £750,000?’ 

 One of the neutral-themed bedrooms in the five-property house located in the hot spot area of Bexley (pictured)

Georgie was delighted to see that many of the bedrooms boasted built-in storage (pictured) – something which the studio flat in Kent lacked

The couple were pleased to discover the master bedroom even came complete with its own en suite (pictured)

Phil Spencer chimed in: ‘I think Georgie’s point is valid. You’re trying to buy a home and actually the last few thousand pounds, it’s a great deal of money if you put it on the table, but actually the last few thousand pounds if that’s the home you want to buy, just bite the bullet and borrow it. 

But, equally, it’s my job to see you buy that house for as little as you can – and today;s price is £720,000.’

A concerned Georgie pointed out that she knew the value of £5,000 – but worried that her partner just wanted to feel like he’d ‘won.’ 

‘In my head, I think £715,000 is a fair comeback offer,’ replied Pete. ‘If we need to go to £720,000, we can go to it tomorrow or the next day.’ 

However, the offer was rejected once again and after Georgie broke down in tears, the next morning, the couple increased their offer to the asking price and was finally accepted.

But celebrations turned out to be premature because after a higher offer from another bidder, the couple were back to square one.  

But losing out didn’t mean giving up – because within two weeks they had an offer accepted on another five-bed house in Bexley for £740,000 – meaning they had to spend an extra £20,000 compared to the first property. 

‘It’s just around the corner from the one that we lost,’ said Georgie,’ to which Pete added: ‘You have to walk past it to walk to the train station! But we’ve actually got a better one.’ 

After their offer is rejected, Georgie (pictured) said to Pete: ‘I know five grand is five grand, but I don’t know if you just want to feel like you’ve won’

Another viewer penned: ‘Sometimes annoys me… first time buyers with a half million pound budget bitching and moaning that they couldn’t possibly live in a property like that… well calm the f*** down guys you’re doing better than most!!!!’ (pictured)

‘Wouldn’t pay 5k despite it being under budget. Had to cough up 20k more to get something similar. Karma,’ wrote one, while a second penned: ‘Gazumped so paid an extra 20k when he was stubborn over 5k.’

A third noted: ‘She is crying at a soulless over-developed house. I don’t get it,’ while a fourth commented: 

‘Can’t stand these huge open plan kitchen/dining/living room cold, white and grey spaces. They never look homely; surely the whole of the downstairs will reek of whatever has been cooked last?’

A fifth added: ‘A young couple wanting four bedrooms for their first home and complaining the rooms aren’t big enough in a perfectly ok house. Some of these people need to experience the real world.’

Meanwhile, a further penned: ‘Why do you need 5 bedrooms when you don’t have kids?! If they are planning kids she is going to have shock dealing with those steps, a pram and those ridiculous heels!’

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