Macaulay Culkin Uses Google Devices In Home Alone Inspired Ad

Christmas came early for Home Alone fans when a commercial for Google Assistant was recently released featuring Macaulay Culkin as the adult Kevin McCallister.

Macaulay Culkin briefly reprised his iconic role of crafty Kevin McCallister for a Google Assistant commercial and in so doing, gave us all a nostalgic Christmas gift. Culkin pulls out all of the stops for this ad from the famous aftershave scene to jumping on Mom and Dad’s bed (with shoes on) to messing with the pizza delivery guy from Little Nero’s. (The pizza box really has an LN on it!) We can not imagine how hard the set crew worked to make the recreations so spot on. It’s as if the McCallister McMansion was frozen in time – except for the fact that adult Kevin has a Google device with him in just about every scene.

The marketing folks behind this idea are as ingenious as an 8-year-old flawlessly executing elaborate hijinks that not only seriously injure but capture a pair of professional thieves. This creative commercial has taught us many things besides the fact that Google Assistant seems like a pretty cool device if it can pull off Kevin-worthy stunts. We also learned that the grown-up Kevin is just as smooth as ever. Of course, we would expect nothing less but it’s still nice to have it confirmed.

Kevin snacked on “Crunch Gators” cheese snacks back in the day and in 2018, we see him munching on a similar generic cheese snack with an equally cheesy name, “Crunch-eez.” His clothes have a similar style to 90’s Kevin’s threads and the attitude is the same as it ever was – cool, cocky and fun-loving.

Where has Culkin been all this time? The only negative side to this commercial is that it makes us yearn for an updated Home Alone sequel. Maybe a Netflix series? Pretty please? We aren’t ready to say goodbye to 2018 Kevin McCallister just yet! Even if this is goodbye, we’re just grateful that Google Assistant brought this unforgettable Christmas character back into our lives.

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