Maisie Williams Proves The Cold Doesn’t Bother Her Anyway In A New Super Bowl Ad

Arya Stark is finally discovering what’s west of Westeros, and she’s doing it in an Audi. The Game of Thrones alum serves as the central focus of the car brand’s 2020 Super Bowl ad, and while she’s not wielding Needle, she taps into something much more powerful: her vocal talents. That’s right, Maisie Williams sings "Let It Go" from Frozen in her Super Bowl ad, which, despite being a car commercial, serves as a subtle reminder about climate change while also paying homage to her Westeros roots.

The ad begins with Williams sitting in her Audi vehicle, surveying everything that’s going on around her: the exhaust and fumes coming off from the other cars and trucks around her; the radio announcer commenting on the heat; the gridlock traffic kicking up a ton of dust and debris into the air. It’s enough to prompt her to break out into song to urge her fellow drivers to "let go" of the past and embrace a more sustainable and healthy future. Who knew "Let It Go" could be such a powerful climate change anthem?

“I’ve always seen myself as a little bit cheeky,” Williams explained to Vanity Fair while discussing what drew her toward participating in this particular ad. “The comments that I make or the way that I present my ideas is usually charged with a bit of cheek. So it made a lot of sense to be [singing] such an upbeat, lovely song, but really be saying a powerful message about the environment and our attitudes.…”

Williams has always been a strong advocate for action in the face of climate change, so it’s not surprising that the ad grabbed her attention. “I think it’s really admirable for a huge brand like Audi to be pushing down a more sustainable path,” Williams said during the same interview with Vanity Fair. “It’s such a complicated decision for a huge corporation to make, and the fact that they wanted this huge platform to be the launch is really exciting.”

And yes, that really is Williams singing throughout the footage, though she admits that nailing such a popular hit song was a lot more difficult than she’d originally expected. “At the beginning, I was very excited. And then when I started listening to the song, I realized how hard it is to sing," Williams confessed to the outlet. “So I was a little bit nervous.”

Luckily, she had Arya’s confidence on her side. Fans know, the cold definitely never bothered her anyways.

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