Man has HUGE lipoma lump removed from the back of his neck

Man has HUGE lipoma lump removed from the back of his neck that started as a tiny abscess eight years ago and kept growing bigger

  • Alan, Burton-upon-Trent, has a huge lipoma that started growing 8 years ago 
  • The large lump, on the back of his neck, started as a small abscess that grew
  • He went to central London to have the enormous lipoma removed surgically
  • The operation will be aired tonight at 10pm on The Bad Skin Clinic on Quest Red 

This is the gruesome moment a loving grandfather has an enormous lipoma lump removed from the back of his neck. 

Husband, father and grandad, Alan, who lives in Burton-upon-Trent, initially developed a small abscess. But it kept on growing until it was bigger than a cricket ball.

A video from tonight’s episode of The Bad Skin Clinic shows Alan have the growth surgically removed.  

The procedure was carried out by consultant plastic surgeon Mr Alastair Mackenzie Ross, after an examination by dermatological surgeon Dr Emma Craythorne.

Before surgery, Alan has a huge lipoma on his neck, which he said prevented him from going out with his grandchildren

After the procedure: the surgery was a success, and left Alan ‘elated’, making him feel more confident in his own skin

Consultant plastic surgeon Mr Alastair Mackenzie Ross (pictured) carried out the operation on Alan

Speaking about the growth, which he admits has affected his self-esteem, Alan said: ‘It’s a lipoma, a fatty lump. 

‘It’s very rare I look at this lump in the mirror, I don’t like the look of it. 

‘It’s terrible, loads of horrible veins in it. I look like a camel. It just wants getting rid of.’

Speaking about the lipoma during an initial consultation, dermatological surgeon Dr Emma Craythorne said: ‘A lipoma is completely benign, but does it get in the way of you doing things?’

Dermatological surgeon Dr Emma Craythorne (pictured) did an initial consultation with Alan, before referring him for the operation

During the procedure, the surgeon used a surgical tool to incise the skin around the lipoma, before easing it out

The massive growth, seen here as Mr Ross removes it from Alan’s neck, measured a staggering 13cm (or 5 in) across,

Alan admitted that the growth stops him from going out with his grandchildren. 

‘It’d be nice to take them places without people staring at you. If it can be sorted that would be a massive weight off my shoulders,’ he added.

What are lipomas? 

Lipomas are soft, fatty lumps that grow under your skin. 

They’re harmless and do not usually need any treatment.


  • feel soft and squishy
  • can be anything from the size of a pea to a few centimetres across
  • may move slightly under your skin if you press them
  • are not usually painful
  • grow slowly

Lipomas are not usually treated on the NHS.

You can pay to have a lipoma removed at a private clinic, but it may be expensive.

 Source: NHS

Further discussions during the consultation bring to light the extent of Alan’s other medical concerns, which may complicate surgery. 

He explained: ‘I’ve got osteoarthritis in my knees. 

‘I’ve had two stents put in my heart. 

‘I’ve had three heart attacks and I suffer angina as well.’

As a result of these complications, Dr Emma referred him on to one of her colleagues, Mr Alastair Mackenzie Ross. 

After incising the skin, he starts to ease the lipoma out from behind Alan’s open flesh.

He tucks his fingers inside the skin to loosen it and slowly pulls it out. 

The surgeon is soon able to sit the lipoma outside of Alan’s skin, in order to start slowly severing it from the back of his neck. 

Following the removal, an assistant measures the lump, which is around 13cm (or 5in). 

Upon waking up after the procedure, his discovering his lump is gone, an overjoyed Alan said: ‘When I woke up, I tried to feel where it was, and there was nothing there! 


Speaking nine weeks later about how the surgery has changed his life, Alan jooked about feeling happier.

He said: ‘I’m elated, and I’ve been deflated.’  

Episode 4 of the new series of The Bad Skin Clinic airs at 10pm tonight on Quest Red, or stream on discovery+ 

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