Marnie Simpson swears by this ‘unusual smelling’ product to help reduce dark circles

When you’re looking after a seven month old, you can expect sleepless nights and dark circles. Just ask Marnie Simpson, who is a proud mum to baby Rox.

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The Geordie Shore star, 28, has found herself plagued by dark circles lately and is now tackling them with an “unusual smelling” remedy – XYLEM’s CBD Eye Roller, £28, buy it here.

She took to Instagram this week to update her 3.8M followers on her latest advice on the issue.

“So I did a post the other morning on how I’m suffering from under-eye bags, like dark shadows, like A LOT.”

Marnie then went on to reveal she’s been using the CBD roller in her bid to get rid of the bags, as it promises to calm puffiness and stimulate the eye muscles.

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“It is really, really nice. It actually comes out like an oil, which is so fricking nice,” she continued.

“It’s got, like, an unusual smell,” she notes.

But that hasn’t put her off. “So far I’m absolutely loving it. I’ve only used it two days but I generally feel I woke up this morning a little bit better.”

We’re not sure exactly which bit of the smell she finds “unusual” but the roller combines cucumber oil with CBD, the legal, non-trippy part of cannabis.

Well Marnie, it might have a weird aroma, but if it’s working for you, we guess you’ll just have to roll with it…

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