Married lawyer mum works as part-time prostitute making ‘£45,000’ in three weeks

A married mum has revealed how she works as a part of time prostitute earning up to $55,000 (around £45,000) in just three weeks.

Katherine Sears, 30, started working as a prostitute alongside her regular job as a criminal defense lawyer three years ago.

The mother-of-one said her husband, John, gives full approval for her business sideline, which sees her spend weeks at a time in a brothel in Nevada followed by one week at home.

Katherine, from Iowa, hopes to remove the stigma associated with sex work by talking about her job as a prostitute.

Speaking about her experiences at the brothel, the lawyer mum said: "I think the more we talk about it, the better our chances are of getting the decriminalization that we’re pursuing."

In just three weeks at the brothel on one occasion, Katherine raked in the equivalent of £45,000.

On a busy day, Katherine said she will see around 10 to 15 clients.

She explained how her days there usually start with hours of pampering ready for a day of clients, reports KCCI .

Katherine said she has recently taken time off working as a prostitute to be with her new son, who is just four months old.

She is also taking time off to focus on her new law firm.

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