‘Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger’ Premiere: Tyrone & Tandy Discover Their Remarkable Powers

‘Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger’ finally debuted on June 7. The origin story of superheroes Tyrone Johnson and Tandy Bowen is just beginning, and it’s not your typical Marvel story. Here’s our recap of the premiere.

Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger tells the story of Tyrone Johnson and Tandy Bowen, played by Aubrey Joseph and Olivia Holt. These two characters are from the Marvel comics and first appeared in 1982. Before they become the ultimate superhero duo, they have to grow up and discover their powers. That’s where Cloak & Dagger starts.

The show begins with these two characters as young children. Tandy is spending her afternoons at ballet class. Her dad is late to pick her up. Meanwhile, Tyrone is following his big brother around and getting into trouble. When Tyrone’s brother decides to back out of breaking into a car for a stereo, Tyrone tries to prove he’s not scared by doing it himself. When Tyrone shows the stereo to his brother, they agree to take it back. Unfortunately, the police stop them, and the brothers decide to run.

Tandy’s father is on the phone while it’s pouring outside. He sees an explosion on a rig in the distance and swerves right in front of a tractor trailer. The car crashes into the ocean. Tyrone and his brother are by the water as well, and things quickly go south for them as well. Tyrone’s brother is shot dead by a cop. Tyrone jumps in the water to try to save his brother, but it’s too late. Tandy is fighting to escape the car as the water continues to rise. While their both in the water, another explosion occurs. But this one’s different. Tyrone and Tandy reach for each other and make it out alive.

Flash forward to the present day. Everything’s changed for Tandy and Tyrone. Tandy seems to be living a glamorous life, but she knows how to play people. When a guy brings her back to his place to hookup, she plays him good. She drugs him so she can steal his “rich boy” stuff. Tyrone is the star of the basketball team. But the pressure isn’t easy. Tyrone’s got a temper and lashes out when an opponent purposefully knocks him down.

These two later run into each other at a party, where Tandy steals Tyrone’s wallet. Once he realizes what’s happened, Tyrone runs after Tandy. He catches her in a graveyard, and when their hands touch, they’re thrown apart. Tyrone is immersed in black smoke, while Tandy is left holding a dagger. Tandy recognizes Tyrone as the little boy who saved her when she was a girl. Before Tyrone can get up to speed, Tandy is gone.

Next thing Tyrone knows, he’s on top of a building completely naked except for a black cape. When Tyrone was a boy, he tried to tell the police that his brother was shot by a cop, but another officer claims this man with a scar never existed. In the present day, when Tyrone walks down to the street from the building, he spots the man who killed his brother.

Later, Tandy goes to a ballet performance, but she comes face-to-face with the guy she stole from. He corners her and tries to rape her in an alley. “Just give up,” he says. Tandy refuses. The light overcomes her, and she stabs the guy with her dagger. Meanwhile, Tyrone finds himself in the trunk of the guy who killed his brother. They come face-to-face, with the man chasing after Tyrone with a gun. Tyrone begs him not to shoot, but the man does anyway, just like he did with Tyrone’s brother. Thankfully, Tyrone’s powers come in handy. He teleports to someplace safe.

Now that Tandy has possibly killed someone, she’s desperate to get out of town. Her very close friend Liam agrees to help her out. A new ID and documents will cost Tandy $11,000. When she goes back home to grab her stash of cash, she finds her mom has spent it all on drugs and booze. Tandy and Liam go to a wedding to steal some cash. Tandy is forced to tell Liam that there’s not a romantic future for them, despite his feelings. Liam is later arrested by a detective who is looking into Tandy.

After a vicious beatdown by his teammates, Tyrone gets his one and only opportunity to avenge his brother’s death. Tyrone pulls the trigger, but he teleports before the bullet can hit the man who killed his brother. Tyrone shows up in front of Tandy, who’s driving a car. The light from her hands appear before she crashes the car into a tree.

As someone who has been suffering from a bit of Marvel fatigue, Cloak & Dagger is a refreshing change. This show is darker and bolder than many superhero shows we’ve seen on TV. What makes this show even more remarkable is that it’s also a teen drama. Aubrey and Olivia are stellar as Tyrone and Tandy. Even though they don’t share many scenes in the premiere, you can feel their connection. I loved how the show didn’t just thrust Tyrone and Tandy’s powers in my face. This is going to be a slow burn. As they discover themselves in this challenging world as teenagers and human beings, they’ll come to understand their powers. Count me in on this one, Freeform.

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