MB&F Presents Its Final Frank Buchwald-Designed Nixie Machine III Clock

MB&F has just presented its final Nixie Machine with German designer Frank Buchwald. This time around, the Nixie Machine III sees an almost scorpion-like design with two large stainless steel legs up front and two smaller support legs at the back. All six Dalibor Farny Nixie tubes sit on a duo-support bracket that extends over the front legs as if the Machine is “handing over” time.

This cyberpunk clock tells the time via its glowing, gas-filled tubes that house wire-mesh with layered cathodes that read numerals 0 to 9. While the principal technology of Nixie tubes dates back to the ’50s, the Nixie Machine III is updated with a central switch “Eye” which houses wi-fi enabled functions that allow for internet connectivity for online synchronization.

Limited to 18 pieces and priced at CHF 32,000 (approximately $35,000 USD), the MB&F Nixie Machine III can be found over at all M.A.D.Gallery locations in Hong Kong, Taipei, Geneva, Dubai, and online.

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