Meghan Markle Just Revealed Another Nickname for Prince Harry

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex might be his formal name but Meghan, Duchess of Sussex has a nickname for her husband of nearly 3 years. During a brief appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden Meghan revealed what she calls Harry. 

Meghan Markle already has a few nicknames for Prince Harry

Nicknames aren’t anything new for Meghan and Harry. At various times over the past few years, the Duchess of Sussex has revealed multiple nicknames she has for her husband. In August 2019, she accidentally let slip what she calls him in private. While posing with the cast of Hamilton following a performance of the hit musical the Duchess of Sussex turned to Harry and said, “Can you see, my love?” The cast noticed what happened which led to Harry laughing and blushing. 

Just a few months later, Meghan revealed yet another nickname for Harry. During an interview for the documentary, Meghan and Harry: An African Journey, the Duchess of Sussex said she refers to him as “H.” 

“I have said for a long time to H — that’s what I call him,” she told journalist Tom Bradby. 

Meghan Markle called Prince Harry ‘Haz’ on James Corden’s talk show

No surprise here but Meghan has even more nicknames for Harry. The Duke of Sussex rode a double-decker bus around Los Angeles with James Corden for a segment on his talk show.

They discussed stepping down as a senior member of the royal family before getting off the bus to tour The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air house. While there Harry made a quick FaceTime call to Meghan to convince her to trade their Montecito mansion for the TV famous house. 

“I think we’ve done enough moving,” Meghan said with a laugh.

Then she proceeded to reveal another one of Harry’s nicknames and even Corden couldn’t hide his surprise. 

“Haz, how’s your tour of L.A. going?” she asked. Corden interjected with, “Haz? I didn’t know we were calling you Haz now.” 

Harry’s response? “No, well, you’re not my wife.”

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry usually stick to formal names in public

In the royal family, it’s customary to use full names in public. When Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge became part of The Firm she asked her friends to call her “Catherine” instead of “Kate.” During their own public appearances, Meghan and Harry typically do the same. They refer to each other by their full names.

As royal fans have noticed since the Duchess of Sussex joined the royal family, she sometimes reveals nicknames. It could happen more in the future seeing as Meghan and Harry are no longer working royals. They might take a more casual tone in their interviews meaning more nicknames. 

Next up for Meghan and Harry is a highly-anticipated interview with Oprah Winfrey. It’s scheduled to air on March 7, 2021, at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

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