Meghan Markle’s Birth Chart Proves Home & Family Are Extremely Important To Her

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s tell-all conversation with Oprah left no stone unturned. The Sussexes touched upon everything from their unborn child’s sex to racism in the Palace. While there were many pieces of information you could glean from the interview, one thing is quite clear: Family is extremely important to the former actress. If you need more proof than the two-hour special, though, Meghan Markle’s birth chart emphasizes that fact.

The cosmic blueprint everyone was born with can help you further understand your instinctive wants and needs in life. Taking a look at Meghan’s birth chart, in particular, adds such an in-depth context to her warm-hearted nature, and further explains the things former Duchess of Sussex wasn’t able to elaborate on during the sit-down Q&A with her husband and the media mogul. Her innate desire to become a mother, the way she prioritizes partnership with Prince Harry and equality, as well as her need to feel safe and protected, can all be tied back to her birth chart.

While there’s so much to explore, let’s discuss the most important qualities that’s made Meghan Markle the relatable woman she is, and why home and family are such a big priorities for her.

Meghan’s Cancer rising speaks to her family-oriented nature.

Meghan Markle is a Cancer rising, meaning that her soul is motivated by emotional intimacy, security, and care-taking. Her empathetic nature is best expressed when she’s at home, supplying her loved ones with everything they need in order to feel safe. Having a secure place to retreat when she’s feeling emotionally overwhelmed is an essential part of her self-care, and without it, she can feel threatened and uneasy. She is most fulfilled when she’s surrounded by individuals she has a deep emotional connection with, who can understand her sensitive and intuitive nature. Motherhood is something she feels innately called to, and explains the desire to relocate her family back to her hometown, where she feels the most at home.

The ruler of her rising is the moon in Libra.

The ruler of her rising sign is the moon, and the sign it’s placed in adds further context to how she fully expresses her nurturing nature. Meghan’s moon is in the cardinal air sign of Libra, indicating that she expresses her caring nature in a way that’s social, relatable, and fair. Meghan prioritizes relationships with others in her life, and needs healthy human connection to feel most at ease. Having a healthy balance between social connections and a private life keeps her the happiest, so feeling confined to a palace with no connections to the outside world likely left her feeling very isolated.

She has a Libra stellium in her fourth house of home and family.

Along with the ruler of her rising sign (the moon), Meghan has three other planets in Libra, forming a stellium in her fourth house of home and family. Having a stellium in any house adds extra emphasis to that area of life, and for Meghan, it’s the area of life responsible for her home, family, and private endeavors. This is the area where she will find herself continuously directing her attention, time and time again. The instinctive desire she had to move in order to feel more secure was fueled by her Cancer rising, and her Libra moon ensuring that she maintains a healthy relationship with her partner, Prince Harry.

Her sun in Leo adds a radiant, powerful expression to her personality.

Meghan was born during the height of summer, which is governed by the zodiac sign of Leo. This adds a warm and affirmative element to her self-expression, and she takes on new challenges in life with enthusiasm and vigor. Her Leo sun is placed in the second house of money and values, speaking to her independent nature. Providing for herself and her family is essential, and something she takes a lot of pride in. Her generosity prompts her to share the fruits of her labor with everyone around her — particularly the ones she loves most.

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