Melania Trump ‘Furious’ Over T.I.’s Video Of Her Look-Alike: It’s The ‘Ultimate Disrespect’ To Her

Melania Trump is not happy with T.I! We hear the First Lady is ‘furious’ over the rapper’s recent, explicit post about her!

Okay, she really cares this time! After Melania Trump‘s communications staff blasted T.I. for his explicit video to promote his new album, Dime Trap, we hear the First Lady is still ‘furious’ that this even happened in the first place. “Melania feels horrible about TI’s video. She feels totally revolted and bullied yet, again,” a White House insider told exclusively of Melania’s reaction. “Melania is furious because she feels the video is the ultimate disrespect to her, to the presidency and even to the country. She is not happy at all about the disgusting video and wishes TI, and others in the media, would stop attacking her.”

In the video referred to, a woman, wearing Melania’s the infamous, green “I REALLY DON’T CARE DO U?” jacket, strips naked in front of T.I. in the Oval Office. The fake Melania and T.I. run around the White House together and spray paint Trump’s portrait. When he promoted the footage, Tip wrote, “Dear 45, I ain’t Kanye.” The First Lady’s office was clearly pissed, with Melania’s spokeswoman, Stephanie Grisham, RTing an article, writing, “How is this acceptable? #disgusting #boycottT.I. @Tip.” Yikes.

Melania’s exclusive reaction comes shortly after she told ABC News’ Tom Llamas that she is “one of the most bullied people in the world.” “She feels these rude comments and portrayals of her, and her husband, are not helping anything and only hurt her, her family and the country,” our insider added. She isn’t alone at the brunt of Tip’s wrath, though. T.I. went after Kanye following the rapper’s meeting with President Trump, during which he went on a rant about abolishing the 13th Amendment and how his MAGA hat gave him “male energy,” whatever that means.

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