Merciless trolls mock baby’s millipede bite as ‘Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge’

Kylie Jenner is an influencer — but she had nothing to do with this plumped pout.

An Alabama woman assumed she’d garner online sympathy after posting pics of her baby boy’s ballooned lips, the result of an allergic reaction after he munched a millipede.

Instead, social media trolls compared little Lucas to the “Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge” — the viral trend of artificially plumping your soup coolers to resemble the lush-lipped reality TV star and billionaire cosmetics guru.

Mom Christin Blankenship says the “terrifying” incident happened last Thursday while her boyfriend Jake Wheeler, 24, was playing with 1-year-old Lucas outside their Gardendale home, Kennedy News reported.

Blankenship, 21, who had just returned home from an errand, said she knew something was awry when she heard Lucas crying hysterically.

The tot had picked up a millipede — a many-legged arthropod — and put it in his mouth, causing the creepy crawler to release a noxious chemical used to ward off predators.

An allergic reaction caused Lucas’ lips to swell up to the point he “looked like a dog that ate a bumblebee,” said Blankenship.

The quick-thinking mom rushed her “screaming” child to the hospital, where docs “had never seen a condition like this,” according to Blankenship. They gave Lucas two shots of epinephrine, morphine and Benadryl to calm him down.

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