's 12 days of kindness: On Christmas Day, be kind to yourself

Merry Christmas, and welcome to’s twelfth day of kindness.

This year we decided to do an advent calendar with a difference, providing you with a good deed a day to count down to the big day in a more selfless way.

From baking for friends to repaying hard-working service employees, there have been plenty of random acts of kindness to help you spread Christmas cheer.

But on the final day, we’re asking you to go easy on yourself instead.

Day 12: Show yourself a little kindness

Today’s act of kindness: Give yourself a break after a tough year.

Random acts of kindness are things you can do to make other people’s days a little brighter.

But when was the last time you treated yourself with true kindness?

Christmas Day can be particularly stressful, with family commitments and responsibilities often dominating what’s supposed to be a celebration. Plus, after the year we’ve had, many of us will be struggling with various issues on top of festive prep.

As an act of self-kindness, we’re asking you to give yourself a break today – whatever that may look like.

Perhaps you’ve overburdened yourself with cooking jobs but don’t want to ‘let people down’. Being kind to yourself means realising the world won’t end without pancetta in the sprouts or crispy turkey skin, then asking for help or scaling back where possible.

Perhaps you’re knackered after months of planning, and can take the pressure off by blocking out time for a nap or rest (rather than feeling you need to be ‘present’ for other people).

Perhaps you’re feeling nervous about visiting people due to covid but aren’t sure how to break the news. Boundaries are a form of self care, and you’re prioritising loved ones wellbeing as well as your own by firmly setting out what you’re comfortable with.

Taking your own health and happiness seriously means you’re able to then take care of others better too.

As they say, you can’t pour from an empty cup. Refill yours today.

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