Michael Dwayne Johnson Arrested For Dropping Pants In Grocery Store, Rubbing Produce On His Bare Butt

Michael Dwayne Johnson has a strange method for picking out produce — allegedly.

The Virginia man was arrested this week after police say he dropped his pants inside a Giant Food grocery store and rubbed several pieces of produce onto his bare butt. As USA Today reported, witnesses say they saw Johnson picking up fruit from the shelf, rubbing it onto his backside, and then putting it back onto a pallet.

Police were called to the store and Johnson was apprehended. There was no clear motive for the man’s behavior during the incident.

The incident was a costly one for the grocery store, as the report noted that they had to destroy several pallets of produce for fear that they were contaminated. The potentially deadly bacteria E. coli is spread through contact with human feces, and the store chose to destroy the fruit and vegetables rather than risk potential contamination for customers.

The strange story has attracted some national attention, with many major news outlets picking up on the bizarre event.

Police said that they do not know the reasoning behind the man’s strange fruit and vegetable fixation, but believe that it was not mental health related. The USA Today report noted that Johnson was with another person at the time of the incident, and that the other person is not facing charges.

This is not the only strange arrest to take place in a grocery store. Back in 2012, police in Kentucky found a burglar inside a grocery store who was covered in chocolate and peanut butter — and the situation only got messier from there.

As The Smoking Gun detailed, 22-year-old Andrew Toothman was caught by Kentucky state police inside a Food World IGA store in the small city of Neon. They claim that the man was wearing only a pair of black boots — and had peanut butter and chocolate smeared all over his body.

The rest of the store was just as trashed. A court citation claimed that Toothman had broken down the door of the closed store and discharged fire extinguishers, along with smearing chocolate and peanut butter in the manager’s office. He was also accused of opening a bottle of the cold and flu medicine NyQuil and dumping it out to spell sorry on the floor.

Toothman was charged with burglary, criminal mischief, and indecent exposure — and sent to jail on $25,000 bond.

In Virginia, Michael Dwayne Johnson has been charged with exposure and destruction of property for allegedly rubbing produce on his bare butt.

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