Miley Cyrus Loves Sydney Evan’s Meaningful Jewelry Made to Bring Good Energy

Sydney Evan jewelry was founded in 2001 by Rosanne Karmes and started with a single pave diamond horseshoe necklace. Since the brand’s launch, the designer has expanded her line that doubles as good luck charms — and the only thing that has changed is the growing list of celebrity fans. 

A-listers including Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Hailey Bieber, Jennifer Lawrence, Brie Larson and more have been spotted in signature Sydney Evan designs and it all comes down to the energy, love and protection each bauble brings to wearers.

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“Every single piece I make has a meaning behind it or a memory tied to it,” Karmes tells Stylish exclusively while celebrating the company’s latest drop, the Icon Collection.

Think 14 karat gold necklaces, bracelets, earrings, anklets and rings featuring semi precious stones and a wide range of charms including evil eyes, wishbones, hummingbirds, cherries, robots, and more.

“Our pieces are sophisticated with a twist and a sense of humor. … I design with the intent of bringing happiness to the person who collects them. … There is always something in every collection that ties back to a personality, a hobby, an interest or a memory,” she explains. 

Another plus: Her jewelry is versatile and designed to fit in perfectly with your look of the day or state of mind.

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“We use a colorful assortment of beads for necklaces and bracelets, so it really allows our customers to curate their pieces back to their closets and match ready-to-wear trends. You can mix and match colors to reflect your personality, mood or outfit.”

When it comes to piling on accessories that complement your wardrobe choices, the designer recommends not getting stuck on one trend or taking any classic jewelry rules too seriously. 

“Don’t be afraid to change your jewelry every day. Experiment with colors, textures, mixing beads, chains, metals and leather.”

If your vibe is more classic, Karmes suggests stacking slowly and building upon pieces, beginning with the shortest chain. “Start with a 16 inch necklace and layer from there.” 

As for the designer’s go-to look, she says, “I like to put multiple charms on, at least one of the chains I’m wearing that are a representation of me — then I mix in a beaded style to tie in the colors I’m wearing.”

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Regardless of what you’re into, Karmes’ goal is to make something special for all types of women.

“The Sydney Evan customer is all of us — an artist, a boss lady, a mom and a little girl. I always try to accommodate everyone in my designs and include everything from small dainty pieces to large, bold and colorful pieces. … I believe in creating collectors and try to create new things that keep my customers curious and excited when new pieces are released,” she notes.  

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