Miley Cyrus Unexpectedly Deleted All Her Instagram Photos & Fans Have THOUGHTS

Fans may not be too happy about this news. On Friday, news spread that Miley Cyrus deleted all of her Instagram photos, and it’s not clear why the singer made such a drastic move. A visit to Cyrus’ Instagram page shows that she has zero posts available, though she’s previously been active on the site. Her Story highlights, including photos from the March for Our Lives and the Met Gala, are still live on her Instagram profile. (Bustle reached out to Cyrus’ agent for comment, but did not receive an immediate response.)

While there’s not much evidence out there yet, fans are already speculating that Cyrus’ photo deletion has something to do with Liam Hemsworth. Fans have suggested that Cyrus and Hemsworth are secretly getting married, though that doesn’t really account for what’s going on. After all, she deleted the photos of her and Hemsworth together, too. Whatever the reason might be, some fans have tweeted their disappointment that the couple’s sweet photos together are no longer on Cyrus’ Instagram page.

It’s also possible that the mass photo deletion has to do with a new album Cyrus might be working on. Or, as Cosmopolitan suggested, it could just be a Friday the 13th prank. Until Cyrus explains why she did this, though, fans will keep guessing what her rationale may have been.

One of the biggest theories right now is that Cyrus and Hemsworth secretly got married. It doesn’t entirely make sense why she would need to delete old photos to hide something that just happened. But maybe Cyrus wants the "first" photos on her Instagram account to be from her wedding, to show that they’re starting a new life together? It’s a stretch, but anything is a valid guess at this point.

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