Miranda Lambert Fine With Blake Shelton Run-In At ACMs – She’ll Be With Her Hot New Husband

Miranda Lambert isn’t losing sleep about bumping into her ex-husband Blake Shelton at the ACM Awards. The newlywed is unbothered and her new man has plenty to do with it.

If Miranda Lambert, 35, runs into her ex-husband Blake Shelton, 42, at the ACM Awards in Las Vegas on April 7 it won’t bother her one little bit. That’s what sources are telling HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. Country music’s former golden couple split in 2015 after four years of marriage and Blake launched headfirst into a very public relationship with Gwen Stefani, 49. But, if the “Turnin’ Me On” singer does bump into Miranda, it will be water off a duck’s back as far as she’s concerned.

“Miranda is set to have a huge night at the ACMs and she is excited and focused on her own night, not at all worried about bumping into her ex, Blake,” one source tells us. “She has moved on a long time ago from their split. She is over it and is happy in her new relationship.” As country music fans know, Miranda shocked the world on Feb. 16 when she announced on Instagram that she had secretly married NYC cop, Brendan McLoughlin, 27. So that – and the two ACM Awards that she has been nominated for – could have something to do with her attitude towards her ex.

“There was a time when Miranda was emotional over Blake and would have been anxious to see him, but not anymore,” our source says. “She feels good and has no problem with Blake or Gwen. Miranda is preparing to be nice, smile and say hello should she run into either of them this weekend.”

Another insider points to Miranda’s new relationship as being a positive force in her life. “Brendan is a big part of the reason she’s so fine with the idea of bumping into Blake,” the second source says. “Being married to such a strong, manly guy who also happens to be very hot, it’s a huge confidence boost. Miranda feels like she has triumphed over all her pain, so running into her ex will not be upsetting at all. If anything she will be happy to cross paths. All the bad feelings are gone.”

As for whether or not fans will get a glimpse of Miranda and Brendan together, this insider has info about that too. “The word is she’s going to make her red carpet debut with Brendan at the awards,” the person says. “She’s ready to show him off. But, even if Brendan isn’t physically standing next to her, Miranda will still feel just as protected. She has met the love of her life and that gives her such happiness. It truly glows off of her.”

HollywoodLife has reached out to Miranda’s rep for comment, but we’ve yet to receive a response.

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