Mom slams Bunchems sticky toys after 150 get stuck in daughter's hair

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Talk about a bad hair day.

A Pennsylvania mom got quite the hairy surprise when 150 Bunchems sticky toys got stuck in her young daughter’s hair, in a mess that ultimately took 20 hours to untangle.  

Last Friday, twins Abigail and Noah Hoelzle were playing in the basement of their home when “jokester” Noah dumped a container of Bunchems toys on his sister’s head, mom Lisa Hoelzle wrote on Facebook in a now-viral post.

Abigail Hoelzle, before and after.
(Kennedy News and Media)

The Churchville woman probably wanted to tear her hair out when little Abigail emerged – with about 150 of the Velcro-like sticky balls tangled in her tresses, the New York Post reports.


“They made it worse trying to remove them their selves because [they] connect together kinda like Velcro,” Lisa said of her six-year-olds’ initial attempt at fixing the fiasco. “It took me about 3 hours to get out 15.”

When dad Dan came home and starting searching for advice online, the couple realized “the severity of what we were up against.” According to a slew of angry Amazon reviews, parents have apparently been slamming the Bunchems balls for years. Many other kiddos have gotten the small spikes stuck in their hair, just like Abigail did.

After trying to remove the Bunchems with conditioner and vegetable oil – with little progress – Abigail fell asleep after midnight with her head on her mom, her head precariously positioned in hopes of preventing her locks from getting even more tangled.


Determined to do her best, Lisa feared having to cut her daughter’s hair.

“If we cut them out because of how deep they were she would have winded up with a short pixie cut. It crushed my heart and I just couldn’t in my heart give up without trying my best to get them out,” she wrote in a post that’s since been shared over 223,000 times. “I am that Mom that has a bow to match each outfit! Haha.”

On Saturday morning, the supermom tired again with mineral oil and a detangling comb.

“There was also a lot of tears (mine,) Abigail consoled me and Noah because he felt awful what he did,” she wrote.


After 20 hours of “pulling and working them out of her head and lots of hair loss,” Abigail’s hair was finally free.

“My fingers are literally swollen from this but worth it all. I am still in disbelief that we went through and got through this whole awful situation!!!” Lisa exclaimed, urging her Facebook friends to “spread the word, trash [your] Bunchems.”

With plans to call consumer alert and Spin Master, Bunchems’ parent company, Lisa hoped the traumatic experience wouldn’t foreshadow a hairy year to come.

“Is this my 2021?????” she wondered.

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