The Moms of SNL Visited the Set and Asked Their Kids to Stop "All the Political Stuff"

Saturday Night Live proves that funny runs in the family. Instead of the usual political cold open, frequently featuring Alec Baldwin impersonating Donald Trump, the SNL cast let their mothers shine in the beginning of the May 12 show. Cast members like Aidy Bryant, Colin Jost, and Kenan Thompson were accompanied by their moms to wish them a happy Mother’s Day, and the women came with some jokes of their own — especially regarding the show’s political content.

“I think Alec Baldwin does a great Trump impression, but why does it have to be so mean?” Jost’s mom, Kerry joked. “Who writes that stuff?”

I’m getting strong flashbacks to my own mother and grandmothers saying “no politics at the dinner table” and “let’s try to talk about something positive,” when things get too heated. Or as Luke Nell’s mom said, “Enough with the Trump jokes!”

While I don’t see SNL straying away from politics anytime soon (there was a Handmaid’s Tale/Sex And the City crossover later in that same episode), this cold open is a hilarious reminder that even live national television won’t stop these moms from putting their kids in their place.

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