Mother-of-three says menopause pilates keeps her youthful

This is what 56 looks like: Personal trainer and mother-of-three says menopause pilates and budget DIY facials keep her youthful

  • Lisa Webster, who lives in Essex, co-founded fitness website
  • She said that menopause pilates and insomnia busters keep her looking youthful
  • She also uses a facial toning device three times a week for five minutes

Lisa Webster lives in Essex with her husband, Gary and their sons, Josh, 30, Max, 28, and Jack, 27. She is a personal trainer and co-founder of fitness website


I had a hysterectomy in 2019, so was plunged straight into the menopause. One of the worst things has been achy joints. I rely on Pilates to build strength and flexibility without putting stress on the joints. I had been teaching it for 20 years but it’s a lifesaver now. The breathing exercises help anxiety too. I’ve set up an online platform, called Kali Pilates.


The menopause affected my sleep. So I take drops of Organic Royal Hemp Oil (£32.99, under my tongue, to help me feel calm before bed. I then rub BetterYou Magnesium Sleep Spray (£12.99, into the soles of my feet to relax my muscles. Plus, I have magnesium baths three times a week, using BetterYou’s Magnesium Flakes (£9.99).

Lisa Webster (pictured), who lives in Essex and co-founded fitness website says menopause pilates and DIY budget facials keep her looking youthful 


When I get stressed, my hair falls out. It is fine and wispy. It got very bad when I lost my dad five years ago. I used to have hair extensions but now I only have a few in and take supplements, such as Nourkrin Woman Hair Nutrition (£99.99, as well as IoniCell For Women (£20,


I’ve had Botox in my forehead in the past but not since the pandemic started. Instead, I use the NuFace Mini Facial Toning Device (£167, three times a week for five minutes. It’s microcurrent tones the muscles in your face — and, after a year of use, I’ve noticed a real difference. It’s worth the investment.


Every day, I apply ColoreScience Even Up Clinical Pigment Perfector with SPF 50 (£89.50, It’s tinted, giving a natural colour and smooths dark spots. It also contains sun protection. For going out, I wear MAC Studio Face and Body Foundation (£27, on top.

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