MoviePass To Change Policy On Number Of Movies Users Can Go To Per-Month

The widely famous and popular MoviePass will now be limiting the number of movies that people can actually attend. It’s a move that is sure to change how some people operate in the future, but one that might be necessary.

The actual limit of movies one can watch will be reduced to just three movies per month. This is a significant decrease from the one per day feature that is currently in place.

This change is coming into effect very soon, in fact, Aug. 15, 2018, so, it’s best to get your movie enjoyment out of the way before having to actually make economic decisions on what to watch.

According to The Verge, the company apparently ran out of money entirely in the month of July.


One thing that will likely keep a lot of people happy is the fact that these new changes actually impact the increase in price ($14.95) and surge pricing that was announced last week. Users on the new plan might not have to pay that, but would be limited to three movies for the price of $9.95 a month.

Users will be able to switch to this new plan on Aug. 15, 2018, once it goes into effect. Although, they’ll need to wait for their own subscriptions to expire first. Annual subscriptions will be able to keep their plan until the renewal date rolls around.

Some cinephiles are surely going to be angry about this. There’s probably a large number of movie-lovers who are more than willing to literally watch a film per day. The new plan might anger them simply because they are not capable of doing that anymore, at least with MoviePass. This means that they can swap providers or stay with the program and take whatever movies they can.

Overall, MoviePass is going through some big changes that are basically going to try and make sure that the services remain floating in the world— even if it makes the service a little less appealing.

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