Mrs Hinch fans share easy hack that removes pen marks from sofas for pennies

Fans of famous cleaning influencer Sophie Hinchliffe, aka Mrs Hinch, have been sharing their clever tricks for keeping their homes spotless.

Sophie made cleaning or “hinching” your home all the rage with her popular Instagram page which now has over 4million subscribers.

And, plenty of her followers decided to set up their own Facebook groups based on their love of hinching.

Some of their tips and tricks are as fab as those recommended by the influencer herself.

On one group today, a woman asked how she could remove ballpoint pen marks from her leather sofa.

Plenty of us have had this issue before, whether it’s because you dropped a pen or have cheeky kiddos making a mess.

She said: “Does any know what will get this off I’ve tried perfume and hair spray?”

Cleaning enthusiasts showed up in force to help – and the most common advice was to use hand sanitiser.

Which is handy considering we all have gallons of the stuff at home right now.

One person wrote: “Hand sanitiser, dot it on and leave it for a bit.

“Should wipe off easily.”

“Hand sanitiser – make sure you patch test first,” added another with an important point.

Make sure you rub the sanitiser on the leather in a place out of view in case it strips and colour from the fabric.

Otherwise you might be left with an unsightly patch.

Another person added that you should make sure the sanitiser you use contains alcohol or it may not work.

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Other posters went further with the advice.

One wrote: “Hand sanitiser and then rub butter into the leather as the alcohol dries the leather and the butter softens it.

“I thought it was mad when I Googled I but was desperate and it worked a treat.”

And plenty more said that using a rubber or magic eraser can help to fade the pen marks.

Plus, you can buy a bottle of sanitiser (with alcohol) from as little as £1 on Amazon – meaning each use will cost just pennies.

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