Mum is slammed for the 'manky' lunch she served her young daughter

Mum-of-two is brutally mocked for the ‘manky’ lunch she served her four-year-old daughter – but has she done anything wrong?

  • A mother has been slammed over a ‘manky’ lunch she made for her daughter
  • She gave the ‘fussy’ four-year-old instant cheese pasta in a bowl of tomato soup 
  • The woman shared photos on Facebook in a bid to help parents of picky eaters
  • But she was mercilessly trolled with vile comments branding her a ‘creature’

A mother has been brutally mocked over the ‘manky’ lunch she made for her young daughter.

Lauren Denholm gave her four-year-old Wynter a bowl of instant cheese pasta mixed with Heinz tomato soup, after the ‘fussy’ little girl who rarely finishes a meal begged her to make it.

Surprised to see her daughter polish off every last bite, the Scottish mother-of-two shared photos in a Facebook group in a bid to help fellow parents of picky eaters.

But Ms Denholm got more than she bargained for when she was mercilessly trolled with vile comments branding her a ‘creature’ that serves meals suitable for a ‘paedophile’.

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The offending article: Scottish mum-of-two Lauren Denholm was mercilessly trolled for giving her four-year-old daughter Wynter this bowl of cheese pasta mixed with tomato soup


Would you give your child cheese pasta in tomato soup?

Would you give your child cheese pasta in tomato soup?

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‘What sort of wrong type of creature would do that?’ one person asked.

‘Paedo (sic) food that,’ added another.

Others branded the mother-of-two ‘manky’ for serving the dish to her daughter.

Ms Denholm responded with shock, saying she was ‘appalled’ by the disgusting responses her post had received.

‘I get it, some people don’t like certain food combinations. Fine. But the abuse I got was absolutely appalling. Why on earth are people so, so angry about it?’ she told The Sun.

‘They are accusing me of all sorts of bizarre behaviour but they are the ones making vile comments about a [little] girl. They should get a grip.’

And despite the nastiness, many jumped to Ms Denholm’s defence saying they saw nothing wrong with the meal as a quick and easy snack for a fussy child.

‘I’m honestly going to give this a go with my autistic daughter with food sensory issues. Good job Mumma I say!’ one woman replied.

‘That looks class, what a game changer,’ added another.

A third said: ‘Good on the mum. She has found something her daughter is willing to eat.’ 

Others shared suggestions for what Ms Denholm might add to the dish.

‘Make it into a bake covered in crushed crisps and cheese, then grill it,’ one woman said. 

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