My parents' loud sex makes me feel uncomfortable and it's starting to affect my sleep

I usually go downstairs to use the bathroom as I’m not comfortable using the one upstairs which is close to their room.

My little brother sleeps in the room right next to them and I am worried he’ll wake up.

I’m a guy of 17. I have a good relationship with my mum.

I don’t know whether to have a chat with her about it.

It makes me physically uncomfortable. I’d leave and stay at a friend’s but I don’t want to embarrass them – or myself.

DEIDRE SAYS: It’s usually embarrassing to realise that your parents have an active sex life – but it’s probably worse when they don’t and their relationship can be at risk.

You get on well with your mum, so just tell her: “I can’t help hearing you and dad having sex and it makes me feel awkward.”

I bet she lowers the noise then.

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