New blood test can diagnose cancer in 30 minutes and tell if it spreading

SCIENTISTS have devised a blood screening test that can diagnose cancer in 30 minutes and tell if it is spreading.

Oxford University experts say the technique is 95 per cent accurate and picks up tumours earlier — boosting survival chances.

It uses AI to scan blood for unusual combinations of molecules, such as sugars and acids, that can be released by tumours.

In trials on 300 NHS patients, it almost always spotted cancer and experts say evidence is strong it can identify all types.

Creator Dr James Larkin said: “The idea is to use it for people with non-specific symptoms like fatigue, weight loss or if you’ve got pain and you and your GP don’t know what it is.

“We need a clear way of saying, ‘This could be cancer’ because some types are harder to spot.

"Our vision is to be able to detect something before the patient even knows it’s a problem.”

The tests may be ready for public use in two years.

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