The New Royal Baby Has His Own Commemorative China Set & There’s A UNICORN On It

The royal baby might not have a name yet, but he does already have a royal baby-themed commemorative china collection available, thanks to the Royal Collection Trust. His Royal Highness Prince of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland arrived on April 23, 2018 in the late morning, meaning he’s only a day old, and as of press time, still without an official name. But that’s not stopping Buckingham Palace from debuting the commissioned four-piece china collection in his honor, because what says welcome to the world like some elegant dishes? Besides, the collection is really more of a gesture for his royal parents, Prince William and Kate, and surely they know how to appreciate the celebratory gesture. They’ve already had a commemorative plate collection for their son George, their daughter Charlotte, and their royal wedding. Needless to say, they’re good on their decorative plate collection.

If you’re wondering just how elegant are these dishes are, I assure you they’re just about as fancy as they can get — definitely not the kind of plates you’re going to slop your avocado toast onto or use for dinner parties. In total, the range includes a plate, a tankard, a pillbox, and a bonus embroidered decorative pram. According to the Royal Collection Trust, the dishes are not safe for dishwashers or microwaving, meaning they’re more for looking and less for touching — but that’s easy to see just from looking at them.

The dishes are gilded with 22-carat gold and made in Stoke-on-Trent, the ceramic capital of the world. The methods in which the fine bone china dishes were made in Stoke-on-Trent are traditional and unchanged for over 250 years. The special town is so well known for their ceramic industries that it’s been dubbed "The Potteries," and people from around the world travel there just to shop or admire the work that’s produced there. Though it’s not surprising The Royal Trust sources their ceramics from the most acclaimed workshop in the world that just so happens to be local and in England.

While the royal china range is not yet available for purchase, you can check it out and be added to a notification waitlist that will alert you once it is available, if you are interested. Some of the proceeds will go towards the Royal Collection Trust, which is a charity that is not in only charge of the conservation of the Royal Collection, but also promotes publications, loans, educational programs and art exhibitions throughout the year. Here’s what will eventually be available:


Embroidered Pram, $21, Royal Collection Shop

The Royal Baby 2018 Commemorative Pram is an embroidered decoration is perfect for the Christmas tree. It features glistening gold threads and pearl embellishments, and is just too wee and cute to resist.

No word yet on when exactly the collection will become available for purchase, but stay on your toes, everyone — at the very least, let’s hope Royal Baby #3 gets an official name before then!

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