New Solar Powered Keyboard Has Long Battery Life

The Logitech K750 wireless keyboard may be the last keyboard you will ever need. It operates from photovoltaic solar cells that can absorb enough energy from indoor lighting to run it. It automatically recharges itself constantly, so that it never runs out of power.

There are many uses for a wireless keyboard but above all else, they leave your workspace clutterless, which is always a plus.

BGR says the Logitech K750 is very lightweight and thin—it is only one-third of an inch thick. Not only that, it also has a pleasant feel when typing as each keystroke is quiet and smooth. Aside from that, users will love the peace of mind that comes with not worrying about batteries. Even when kept in the dark this keyboard remains charged for up to three months.

While this wouldn’t be something we’d recommend for gamers (though Logitech offers a variety of mechanical keyboards for that type of person), this keyboard is perfect for the home office.


Communication uses a 2.4 GHz wireless connection from the keyboard to a tiny receiving device that stays plugged into your computer. This communication protocol is more robust than Bluetooth and offers a greater range of connectivity. This keyboard works with the Windows operating systems, but there is another version that is specially designed for the Mac with all the hotkeys located in the places that are expected.

Logitech has always made decent keyboards and other peripherals like wireless mice. With the release of this new keyboard, which is both wireless and solar powered, Logitech’s innovation may have inadvertently put them out of business. It is hard to see how to improve on something designed this well.

Cut the wires, forget about batteries, and enjoy the new Logitech K750 wireless keyboard that is offered at discount prices for around $40.


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