NFL Draft Prospect Josh Allen Reveals His ‘Biggest Motivator’ As He Begins His Professional Career

Ahead of the 2019 NFL Draft, top prospect Josh Allen EXCLUSIVELY dishes on what he’s wearing to make a good first impression, the kind of teammate he’ll be, and the main thing that’s helping him prepare for this next step of his career.

When on the verge of accomplishing your dreams, how do you keep yourself from being a nervous wreck? For Josh Allen, the 21-year-old defensive end/pass rusher, he knows a thing or two about keeping cool when under pressure. As a member of the Kentucky Wildcats, the defensive titan has broken the school’s record for most career sacks (31.5) while picking up 88 tackles and 17 sacks in his senior year alone. He will start a new chapter in his life on April 25 when he enters the 2019 NFL Draft, and he’s predicted to go within the first five picks. Before that goes down, Josh EXCLUSIVELY spoke EXCLUSIVELY with about what motivates him to overcome his nerves, what his time at Kentucky taught him, and how his partnership with JCPenney and COLLECTION by Michael Strahan will help him steal the spotlight at the draft. You come from a family of athletes, mostly on the basketball side. How has it been to introduce an already-impressive football legacy in the family? 

Josh Allen: I am fortunate to come from an athletic family. I love basketball too, but it’s been fun to excel at football and enter my family’s name into the NFL.

[Editor’s note:. His sisters play basketball at a variety of levels, with Myisha Hines-Allen currently part of the Washington Mystics in the WNBA.]

Can you describe the moment you knew you were going to declare? How did you know? What was that process like? Did you talk to family/friends coaches/teammates? 

I turned my family as my biggest support system. My son was, of course, a big deciding factor. I decided to go back to school for an additional year to finish my senior year and stay close to him. I wouldn’t change that decision for anything in the world.

What is/are some valuable things you’ll take away from your experience at Kentucky as you enter the draft? 

My time at Kentucky has taught me so much and what I learned from my coaches and teammates will definitely be carried throughout my NFL career.

Has fatherhood given you a new outlook on the game/your future? How has it helped you to prepare for the big stage? 

Like I said, my life changed when my son was born. I’ve always strived to be my best but now I have my son who will look up to me, and I want to be my best self for him. He’s been a huge motivator for me, and he impacts every decision I make, including this draft.

What will you bring to the table for your future team? What type of impact do you hope to have?

I will bring a strong defensive game to any team I face. I’ll be quick, agile, and tough. I can’t wait to make my mark with my new team in the NFL and to see what damage our D-line can do together.

Describe what kind of teammate you are?

I like to lead by example both on and off the field. I’ll strive to improve and play my best game while supporting my teammates and motivating them to do the same.

What is the key to staying in the best shape for you personally? 

I come from a family of athletes, so I grew up being very active. To keep my training on track and increase strength, I hit the weight room and make sure to keep my cardio in good shape.

How’ve you prepared mentally/physically for the draft/NFL? 

Again, my son is my biggest motivator. I just think of him whenever I get nervous and tell myself to always put my best foot forward for him. Physically, I’ve been training regularly so I can hit the rookie camp with my best game.

Can you describe your draft-day suit by JCPenney?

I’m thrilled to partner with JCPenney to bring my personal style to the NFL Draft with a customized COLLECTION by Michael Strahan suit. I worked to design my suit jacket liner with my son’s name Wesley and his birth date so I can carry him with me on the most important night of my life.

Can you describe your personal style and how this suit is tailored to what you like? 

I like an understated, classic look and colors. You’ll definitely see that when I hit the red carpet on draft night with my custom COLLECTION by Michael Strahan suit. My favorite part of this suit is the liner which represents my son Wesley. My life changed when he was born, and I can’t wait to be a role model for him as I hit the field as an NFL player.

What shoes will you be wearing? Are you more into shoes and clothes… or vice versa?

I will be wearing a pair of Versace shoes that I’m excited to pair with my customized COLLECTION by Michael Strahan suit. It’s about the whole look!

What’s your routine when it comes to getting ready for a big event like the draft? 

Thanks to JCPenney I’ll be looking good and feeling confident.


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