Nikki Bella Stills Wants Children After John Cena Split: Her Next Boyfriend Must Want Kids

Nikki Bella’s dreams of marrying John Cena may be in tatters, but that doesn’t mean she no longer wants kids. In fact, a source claims she’s even more serious about becoming a mom.

Their split stunned friends and fans alike. But, even though Nikki Bella, 34, and John Cena, 41, called it quits on their relationship just weeks before they were due to wed, that doesn’t mean the wrestler has given up on her dreams of becoming a mom. A source has EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife about the WWE star’s plans to follow her twin Brie Bella’s footsteps into motherhood. “Nikki sees her sister as a great mother and Nikki loves being an auntie but she wants more and that would be a child of her own,” the source close to Nikki said. “Nikki would love to have kids and she wanted kids with John Cena but that obviously didn’t work out.”

Now that her relationship with John is behind her Nikki is supposedly already looking forward to her next romance. The insider said, “But the next boyfriend she gets serious with she wants them to know that kids are a part of the equation. She is not going to date for fun. She is going to date for marriage and children. That is the person she wants to be in her dating future.” Having kids has long been an issue with the former couple with John long saying he didn’t want them. But he warned up to the idea and even said so during a March 15 Good Morning Britain interview. While promoting his film Blockers he said it has made him “consider being a parent more.”

As for Nikki she appears to be moving forward. On April 24 she posted a motivational message on her Instagram page. She didn’t indicate whether she was referring to a fitness goal or not, but the message could easily be applied to her desire to have kids. It said, “The harder you work for something, the greater you’ll feel when you achieve it.”

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