Oh Sh*t, Kris Jenner Just Tweeted a Response to Reports She's Fighting with Kanye West

Kris Jenner just learned the art of the Twitter clap back! The momager hopped online to completely shut down a recent report that she’s having “explosive” fights with Kanye West, writing “Lies, lies, lies.”

Lies,Lies,Lies https://t.co/SklG3uLpBO

She also went ahead and commented on another report claiming that Kanye is “on the edge” and “very hard to deal with right now.”

Nope…not true! https://t.co/2pQYQssy7B

Kris’ comments come after multiple sources told People that Kanye’s cut off friends in his inner circle and is getting into arguments with his mother-in-law. “He’s had huge blow-ups with Kris. She sees how erratic he’s acting and is most concerned about her daughter’s brand. She’s also trying to be a good mother-in-law, so he’s having explosive issues with her too,” one source said. “Everyone is really, really worried.”

Another source said that Kanye “genuinely believes he’s God and a genius and that he can do everything on his own. He has a great love for Kim [Kardashian], but in his mind he doesn’t think Kim is a genius, and he’s telling her he knows what he’s doing.”

While Kris is clearly not here for this, Kim has yet to comment on the reports about her husband.

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