One mother shares the secret that shrunk her baby bod!

Ready to lose weight and shape up? This mother-of-one shares the secret she swears by that shrunk her post-baby bod!

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Whether it’s to get our bodies looking better or improve our health, there are many reasons we may choose to want to lose weight.

But overhauling our health isn’t always that straightforward, and for mothers everywhere, returning to pre-baby weight can be a real challenge.

However, 32-year-old model and mummy Katie Green found a simple way to wave goodbye to her post-baby bod. Losing the weight allowed her to find some much-needed energy as well, which has not only helped her keep up with her three-year-old, Max, but has boosted her motivation to keep the weight off.

So, how did she do it? Here, she reveals the secret she swears by that has not only helped her on her weightloss journey, but she says has boosted her body confidence too.

‘For me, losing weight was about getting my confidence back and feeling healthy again’

Katie put on weight after the birth of her son, but with the help of XLS-Medical Ultra 5, she was able to lose the pounds

Katie Green is a model and mother – but she’s also a body confidence campaigner. She’s always advocated being comfortable in your own skin, something which was inspired by her modelling career.

For 15 years, Katie travelled the world to model for internationally renowned lingerie brands, where she witnessed the unrealistic expectations placed on her and fellow models.

‘When I first started modelling, I was asked to maintain an unrealistic diet to lose more weight, so much so that I actually had to hide what I ate on shoots – I was already a size 10,’ she reveals. ‘There were parts of the industry that really worried me; I’d often see models that I worked alongside who forced themselves into sizes that just weren’t natural for their frames.’

What is XLS-Medical Ultra 5? 


XLS-Medical Ultra 5 is a clinically proven weight loss product which can help you lose up to five-times more weight than dieting alone¹, helping us shed the pounds in a healthy way.

When taken alongside a balanced diet, XLS-Medical Ultra 5 can reduce existing body fat, particularly around the hips and waist, while lowering your BMI, factors which show visible results in as little as one month¹.

Okranol™ is the functional ingredient in XLS-Medical Ultra 5, and is made from fibre and mucilage – a plant-based, viscous substance. It’s an insoluble ingredient which interacts with digested fats in the upper part of your stomach.

When you take your two XLS-Medical Ultra 5 capsules with a glass of water after a meal, Okranol™ is released into your stomach, where it binds with dietary fats to form large fat-fibre complexes.

These fat fibre complexes are too large to be absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract and are eventually excreted from the body. 

Compelled to discourage this aspect of the industry, Katie began to support brands who didn’t use underweight models, and even started a movement to stop the fashion world from using models who were not their natural sizes or shape.

However, until 2017, Katie had never really struggled with maintaining her weight. But following the birth of her son Max that year, she gained firsthand experience of how difficult it can be to control your weight after pregnancy.

Katie says: ‘I’ve loved every minute of being a mother, from the pregnancy through to watching Max grow. But I started to feel tired and lethargic, and I knew it wasn’t just down to looking after Max.

‘Late nights led to convenience eating and very little time for me to do any exercise,’ she explains. ‘Then, one day, I looked at a picture of myself and I didn’t know who the person was holding my baby; my face looked swollen and it didn’t feel like me.’

Katie had put on weight, and with the lack of sleep that comes hand-in-hand with motherhood, she felt constantly fatigued, unhealthy and began to lack confidence in her appearance.

But her life was about to be turned around again for the better, thanks to her modelling agent putting her up to audition for an XLS-Medical advert.

The brand was casting for its most effective product to date, XLS-Medical Ultra 5, which supports up to five times more weight loss than dieting alone¹. 

This product also has five benefits for the body: It reduces existing body fat; lowers your BMI; reduces centimetres around your hips and waist; promotes healthy weight loss; and can show visible results in a month¹.

All users have to do is take two capsules three times a day after every meal alongside a healthy diet and exercise. Then, thanks to its active ingredient Okranol™, which derives from the vegetable okra, dietary fats in the stomach are made into a fat fibre complex and pass out of the body, so your calorie intake is reduced, which all helps towards healthy and effective weight loss.

For Katie, it was a potential solution to her weight dilemma. She says, ‘I’d tried so many fad diets, but they were difficult to maintain, particularly when you’re busy with a toddler. It’s also hard to stay motivated when you don’t see results, so this seemed like the perfect opportunity for me to reconnect with myself.’

Katie wanted to shake the pounds, but she didn’t want to go overboard.

‘I did not want to lose more than I needed to,’ she explains. ‘For me, losing weight was about getting my confidence back and feeling healthy again, as I felt I’d neglected my body.’

With her health in mind, Katie began to work with a nutritionist and gradually increased her daily exercise, cutting out unhealthy snacks, doing more cardio and taking XLS-Medical Ultra 5 as instructed*. 

When she actually saw results with the help of XLS-Medical Ultra 5, she was astounded. ‘I couldn’t believe it! Just seeing the results gave me the drive I needed to reach my goal.

She continues, ‘I found XLS-Medical Ultra 5 really easy to stick with, as I could carry the tablets with me and ensure I was taking them at the right times. It just became part of my routine with little extra effort.’

Katie is delighted to have found a routine that works for her and it’s made her feel herself again

With her new lifestyle of healthier eating, regular exercise and XLS-Medical Ultra 5, Katie got back down to her goal weight at the end of 12 weeks. But that wasn’t the only benefit her health overhaul has rewarded her; she’s getting better quality sleep and has the energy to enjoy lots more quality time with her son, too.

She’s delighted with what her health kick and XLS-Medical Ultra 5 have helped her achieve, and offers this advice to anyone looking to lose weight: ‘From my experience of XLS-Medical Ultra 5, it can give people the help they need to achieve their own individual goals, male or female, and feel positive in their own skin.

‘Whatever your weight loss journey means to you, this is a reliable product that can help you get back to feeling yourself.’

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CTN: UK/2020-0375  

1. Uebelhack et al 2019. 108 participants. Weight loss over 12 weeks. 

*Please consult with your Doctor before embarking on any low calorie diet. Very low calorie diets should only be followed for short-term use. 

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