‘One Piece’ Whole Cake Island Arc Theory: Jinbe, Vinsmokes Leaving Big Mom’s Territory Alive [Opinion]

Here is how Jinbe and the Vinsmokes can escape from the Whole Cake Island alive.

The finale of the One Piece Whole Cake Island Arc left fans in a cliffhanger with Jinbe, the Germa 66, and the Sun Pirates potentially facing death in the hands of Emperor Big Mom. After eating the delicious wedding cake, Charlotte Linlin finally returned to her normal form and looked very determined to kill everyone who infiltrated her territory. Luffy and his crew managed to escape, thanks to the combined efforts of the Fishmen and the Vinsmoke family.

When the Germa 66 learned about the Strawhat Pirates’ escape, they immediately decided to retreat to save their own lives. However, it’s already too late as Big Mom already arrived at their location. Using one of the powers of the Soru Soru no Mi, Big Mom asked Jinbe, the Sun Pirates, and the Germa 66, “life or dead?”

Both options could eventually lead to the death of the target, but choosing “life” may give them the opportunity to live, especially Jinbe and the Vinsmokes. If a target chooses life, Big Mom will strike him with fear. Someone who fears death will enable Big Mom to take their lifespan at any amount that she likes. The lady Emperor already used Soul Pocus once on Jinbe, but it didn’t have any effect at all.

Jinbe does not fear Big Mom, so Soul Pocus won’t have any effect on him. The former Warlord said that a man who wants to be part of the crew of the future Pirate King cannot be intimidated by a mere Emperor of the Sea. The same thing could apply to the Vinsmoke family, specifically Yonji, Niji, and Ichiji. When Judge turned their bodies into superhumans, all of their emotions had been removed.

This is proven when the Big Mom Pirates plotted to assassinate them during the wedding. While Judge was panicking and crying, Yonji, Niji, and Ichiji looked calm and laughed at their father’s reaction. This is the main reason why the three Vinsmokes will survive Big Mom’s Soul Pocus.

However, it remains questionable if the Sun Pirates, Reiju, and Judge will live after choosing life. Despite having his body modified, Reiju revealed to Sanji that she still has emotions. Judge is a human, and most of the Sun Pirates surely fear Big Mom. The One Piece Whole Island Arc may have finally come to an end, but Eiichiro Oda could soon release a flashback on what really happens to the Strawhat Pirates’ saviors.

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