Optical illusion baffles as users can’t decide if it’s mermaid or donkey in snap

Optical illusions can really baffle the brain.

Often you find yourself seeing something completely different to your mate.

And on another occasion, it gives you a really sore head (and we definitely feel you on that).

So if you think you've got enough patience, this viral illusion has really got people talking online.

While some people can see either a mermaid or a fish, others spotted a donkey.

The image hasn't just confused Twitter users, even celebrities are getting in on the madness.

Comedian Jonathan Ross replied to David Baddiel, who saw a monkey.

What do you see in the optical illusion? Let us know in the comments section below…

Ross said: "It's a plump seal lying on its back. YOU'RE a donkey."

Actress Amanda Abbington also saw a "seal", but JK Rowling and Hart Hanson could only find a donkey in the image.

Twitter users were in disagreement over what they saw.

One said: "I saw a donkey until I read some people see a seal now it is both. Top donkey bottom seal depending on where I look!"

Another added: "I see a donkey or a seal. I don't see a mermaid or fish. What does that make me? Alien?"

There is a reason why people often see optical illusions differently.

It's often to do with the properties in the visual areas of the brain with how they receive and process information.

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Previously, another illusion to spark a debate was an image as people were unable to tell if it's a man or dog.

The image shows a wintery scene with a forest covered in inches of snow.

But it might cause quite a bit of a stir as no one can seem to agree on what they saw in the middle of the picture.

Some might see a man running into a snow, while others can spot a dog straightaway.

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