Owners share snaps of their pets looking adoringly into their eyes

The purrr-est love! Owners share heartwarming snaps of their besotted pets looking adoringly into their eyes

  • People have shared snaps of their pets looking at them lovingly in a gallery 
  • From all over the world, adorable pets show what unconditional love looks like 
  • One dog leaned on their owner’s shoulder while posing for a picture together

Animal lovers have shared adorable photographs of their pets gazing lovingly into their eyes in a heartwarming online gallery. 

Owners from all over the world shared the heartwarming pictures of their cats and dogs looking at them affectionately. 

Collated by Bored Panda, one picture captured a dog from the US as he leaned on his owner’s shoulder and smiled for a selfie. 

In another, a cat resting his head on his paw offered a loving look to the camera as his owner snapped a pictured. 

People from all over the world have shared pictures of their pets looking at them lovingly. This little cat won the heart of many with this sweet gaze 

In the US, a dad taking a selfie could count on the help of his smiling dog to add some cuteness to the picture 

A man from Greece shared this adorable photograph online of a puppy looking at him after they met in the park

What you doing? This good pup wouldn’t leave his owner’s side while she scrolled on her computer 

This little cat from Saudi Arabia looked lovingly at their owner, who was holding them in his arms for some cuddles

A dog was looking lovingly at his owner in Saudi Arabia whilst he was occupied playing video games in the living-room 

One woman believed to be from the US shared a snap of her beautiful Dachshund smiling at her in a selfie 

A cat lover took this picture during playtime to show the sweet bond between her and her feline friend 

This well-behaved dog from America, named Delta, loves to cuddle with her owner on the living-room rug 

In the UK, this father had sworn he didn’t want a pet but eventually changed his mind, cuddling with the new dog all the time 

In Portland, this little cat liked to snuggle into his owner’s hoodie for some hugs. He was photographed giving her a loving look

The woman in this picture, believed to be from the US, revealed she saved this dog from being put down and said she was the most loving dog ever 

A pet lover from the US revealed he managed to photograph his cat and his dog while they were giving him a loving look at the exact same time 

This little puppy called Lolita made everyone swoon with her little smile, showing her tongue to her owner 

In this heartwarming photograph, a loving cat shared an affectionate gaze with their owner during a cuddling session on the sofa

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